1.1.4 IPSF iPhone with 04.04.05_G – it works!

My iPhone now runs the new version 1.1.4. IPSF still works! Here’s what I did:

  • Downloaded ZiPhone 2.5.
    • If you’re runningVista, make sure you run the executable with administrator permissions
  • Downloaded iTunes 7.6.1 and the 1.1.4 update.
  • Made a backup of all my iPhone settings using iTunes.
  • Restored to 1.1.4 using iTunes.
    • See ZiPhone’s Advanced Features to put your iPhone into recovery mode.
  • Jailbreaked and activated it using ZiPhone 2.5
  • Started Installer, refreshed sources, installed BSD subsystem and OpenSSH.
  • Copied signal.app using ssh to my iPhone’s /Applications directory (and set execute permissions on signal.sh, sleep and igsm using chmod 755 filename). Signal.app is a directory in /Applications and contains 6 files. The three executable files are:
    • sleep (taken from BSD) – lets your process sleep for a certain amount of time.
    • igsm – communicates with the baseband using command line parameters
    • signal.sh – the script that talks to sleep and igsm
  • Restarted iPhone, tapped on signal.app and got a carrier signal a few seconds later. Olé!
  • Restored all my settings back using iTunes using the previous backup.

Please note: this only works on IPSF unlocked iPhones.

If you have a problem to save your EDGE settings: Go to Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset Network Settings and try to save them again.

If the iPhone Mail (Mail.app) crashes on start up try this using ssh:
chown -R mobile:mobile /var/mobile

Once an official anySIM 1.1.4 is out we most likely can forget about signal.app on IPSF iPhones as we did in 1.1.3.

13 replies on “1.1.4 IPSF iPhone with 04.04.05_G – it works!”

  1. Hi,

    I am still on firmware 04.04.05 on myunlocked 2g iphone. is there any way for me too update to the lastest version without losing my data. please help.

  2. i bought an iphone unlocked, but i have inadvertantley installed the update 04.04.05_G now nothing works at all

    any help restoring it or re-unlocking it would be greatly appreciated



  3. I’ve tried running Pwnage on my IPSF iPhone but restoring the iPhone with the custom firmware fails every time. I’m sticking with ZiPhone for the moment.

    By the way, there’s no need to use signal.app at the moment with either solution!

  4. Pwnage just came out, I just use it in my IPSF phone without any problems!!!

  5. Is there anyway to Signall.app to run automatically as soon as the iPhone is turned on?

  6. I used ziphone 2.5 to recover my unlocked iphone from accidentaly firmware updates. It was unlocked successfuly but now I have a problem, I can’t recieve text messages. Pls Help how to solve this problem.

  7. “I’m a customer of IPSF I’ve done with this method

    but i run Signal the speaker (Sound UI,Ringtone – all about sound will be lost)

    have a fix?”

    This is one of the tipping reasons i have decided to forego IPSF. It seems to work less with the recent two updates and is starting to become a chore. The iPhoneSImFree company itself have failed to issue a statement regarding their intentions based on the two updates i.e. will they update their software, and if so, when The silence has been chilling since Nov 2007

    I didn’t mind launching Signal.app on every reboot but the loss of sound it causes and lack of statement from the company itself meant i switched to ZiPhone’s unlock method and i.m very happy now.

  8. You never loose sound, it’s just very quiet. It always happens if you restart the CommCenter – something signal.app does. Full sound always comes back after one or two minutes automatically after the iPhone has to play a sound (by playing a song, ringtone or simply by locking it).

  9. I’m a customer of IPSF I’ve done with this method

    but i run Signal the speaker (Sound UI,Ringtone – all about sound will be lost)

    have a fix?

  10. There’s an easier way to get this done:
    – Use Ziphone 2.5 to activate & jailbreak
    – install BSD, SSH
    – Go to Ziphone again. go into advanced features and check only Donwgrade Bootloader.

    You’re set: ISPF will work and keep working, without installing signal.app

    I actually did the same trick on 1.1.3 and it worked also.

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