Aperture doesn’t export all EXIF header info

While playing around with the new geotagging Places feature in iPhoto ’09 I was pretty stunned by the fact that Aperture 2.1.2 doesn’t export the full EXIF header info when exporting photos from an Aperture project. I already found out that Aperture doesn’t include all EXIF fields for its preview pictures but I expected it to write all EXIF fields when doing a full-size JPEG-export and the Include Metadata option is selected in the export options.

Missing EXIF fields include:

  • Altitude
  • Latitude
  • Longitude
  • Lens model
  • Lens minimum (mm)
  • Lens maximum (mm)
  • Flash exposure correction
  • Serial number

All my exported and geotagged photos from Aperture do not show up with coordinates in iPhoto’s Places :( What’s even more disturbing is that this information is lost whenever an external plugin creates a new version according to this lone thread on Flickr.

Does anyone know a workaround? Is there a better export plugin?

aperture EXIF
EXIF header as seen by Aperture

EXIF header as seen by EXIFviewer
EXIF header as seen by EXIFviewer

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  1. Sigh… It’s been almost 2 years since this was posted and Apple continue to strip basic EXIF fields from exported versions.

  2. Relocate your masters to a location outside of Aperture’s control (eg, right click on an image or project, choose Relocate Masters, and place into another folder – in my case, I created a “Photo Library” directory off of my Photos directory). Once you do that, you can export with this data. I came across this accidently.

  3. I use Aperture to submit my project, and face axactly the same problem. Been searching onine for solution without avail. This should be a show stopper, without lens info is simply unacceptable. Because of this, I will have to insert manually to the hundreds of photos

  4. If your goal is to get things correct in both Aperture and Iphoto ’09, then you need to alter your workflow slightly. If I recall, you are importing into Aperture, the out to GeoPhoto.

    This works better…

    1) Save your pic’s to a “scratch” folder (don’t import yet).
    2) Geotag with Geophoto, update originals
    3) Import into Aperture
    4) Add to iPhoto ’09 using “Open Aperture Library” function.

    This preserves everything intact, and it all works.

    Took me forever to figure it all out as I had some of the sme issues you are now experiencing.

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