Apple Aperture 3 flickr upload lacks GPS data… not!

Ever since the release of Aperture, Apple only half-heartedly supported metadata in exported photo’s. I don’t know why but Apple decided not to export extremely useful metadata information like lens model and many others as well. Unfortunately, this is still the case with Aperture 3 :( Lens type is still not included in any exported JPEGs or when directly uploading a photo to flickr. When I tried to upload a photo to flickr using the new flickr button in Aperture 3, even location data from “Places” wasn’t included. Commenter Connor had the solution: I needed to check that checkbox in Aperture’s preferences web tab (see screenshot below). Previously, I didn’t bother to look at this tab because once I opened it, I just got an error message saying “Your MobileMe account configuration is not correct.” Once the location checkbox is checked, the flickr upload button exports location data from Places to flickr.

I still haven’t been able to upload a photo to an existing set or collection on flickr. Aperture 3 always creates a new set even if I enter the name of an existing one. Choosing different values for the “Check for new published photos” even crashes Aperture 3.

MTA Subway Car

Sample photo with location data from Places, uploaded using the flickr button in Aperture 3.

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  1. In the latest rev of Aperture 3 you can find this checkbox in the “advanced” tab of the preferences. Not very intuitive location, but it’s still there…

  2. I somehow lost the new flickr upload functionality in Aperture 3. I deactivated the upload functionality in the flickr settings for a while. Now – when trying to use flickr upload in Aperture – nothing happens. The button is not deactivated, but simply nothing happens… no pop window, no question if I would like to allow flickr to use Aperture, nothing.

    I might have deactivated something in the flickr apps meanwhile (I cannot remember), but now in the flickr app settings there is nothing about Aperture.

  3. The Aperture 3 FLICKR tool certainly lacks a few features …. I am still switching back to 32 bit to use an alternate GPS plug in.

    Separately, I am pretty confused by the gpx geotagging in Aperture. Why do I have to place one of the photos? It should just synch the time on my gpx file and my camera.

    The whole idea of auto getagging is so I don’t have to guess where the photo was taken. Seems a terrible implementation.

  4. It actually includes them, but the picture still can’t be viewed on a map. Check “more properties” to see EXIF information, scroll down – there they are.

    What you have to do is set up flickr. Go to “Your account” > “Import EXIF location data”. Check the box to use embedded EXIF data. I had to upload my pictures again, as this seems to be done upon importing.

    Grüess us England!

    1. Connor, thanks for the hint. I did not bother with the web tab in Aperture 3 preferences because I got an error message saying “Your MobileMe account configuration is not correct.” But you are correct, checking this checkbox works for flickr too! I’ll stand corrected on that. I still haven’t managed to upload any photos into an existing flickr set or collection though. Aperture always creates a new one even if I enter the name of an existing one. At one point Aperture 3 even crashed while playing with the options in the web tab.


  5. Hi !

    I have the same problem but have a look to that :

    Web Publishing
    Publish to Flickr
    Publish directly to your Flickr account from Aperture. If you’ve added locations to photos, Aperture includes the GPS information, so photos are automatically mapped on Flickr. Published albums can be automatically updated as you add, remove or edit photos.

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