ASUS P6T Hackintosh & i7 970 6-core Gulftown CPU

Today, I updated the i7 920 Nehalem quad core processor in my ASUS P6T based Hackintosh to an even more spiffy 970 6-core Gulftown CPU.  Since the i7 970 was retired and discontinued (EOL) recently, prices for the leftover stock have fallen sharply so I decided to get a new one as long as they’re still available. If you own an ASUS P6T make sure you use at least Bios rev. 1303 or the mainboard won’t recognize the 970.

Upon booting OS X I noticed that P-state P0 a.k.a “Turbo Mode” wasn’t working anymore with the new hexacore CPU on the mainboard. In order to get Turbo Mode back, I needed to edit Chameleon’s Here’s what I added:


With these settings Chameleon automatically takes care of the C-states and P-states for the CPU. Very cool, that saved me a lot of time messing around with the DSDT! You need at least a recent Chameleon version like RC5 though, the last official release from 2009 won’t support those properties.

Here’s the Geekbench score of the updated rig:


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  1. Dima, there are 3 different P6T boards. The P6T, the P6T SE, and the P6T Deluxe (v whatever). I own the P6T which is different from your Deluxe v2, that’s why the DSDT doesn’t match.

  2. Hey bud,
    Thanks for all of this info and sorry for reviving an old thing. I just installed ML with an EVGA gtx 680 and 990x processor on a p6t deluxe v2. I’m pretty sure I have all of my bios settings right but my multiplier won’t excede 27 giving me 3.6ghz. I’m over-clocked to 4.4 on water and would love to get all of that out of it.

    So like you, I:
    Generated c and p states in boot.plist
    enabled speedstep
    limited c state to c6
    disabled c3 and c6 downgrading (or whatever its called)

    I was using my old DSDT from Lion and geekbench was ringing out 1900, but at 3.6. I want that extra 800mhz!

    When I used your DSDT from the link above, it would hang at IOAPCI version or whatever (as stated in your other post). What am I doing wrong?

  3. If possible, I would like the modified DSDT. I have been using Fleebailey’s but it does not work well with the X5670 that I have. I just had to disable hyper threading or it would just show 1 core.


    1. I’m still using Fleebailey’s P6T version but added the 4 additional hyper threads. I don’t know if this was necessary though, I just thought it couldn’t be a bad thing. Let me know if you want it.


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