ASUS P6T Hackintosh & OS X Mountain Lion

I just finished installing OS X Mountain Lion (latest preview) on my new Intel 520 SSD. The 520 is one of the fastest consumer SSD’s on the market today. Even though my 3 year old ASUS P6T mainboard doesn’t support SATA-3, the 520 still performs ridiculously fast. It takes a mere 6 seconds from the Apple logo to the desktop. The spinning Apple circle doesn’t even show up.

Installation went pretty smoothly using Tonymacx86’s UniBeast and MultiBeast.

Will somebody please teach the guys in Redmond about how to speed up an operating system boot?

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  1. hi
    I have a pure p6t ;)
    (bios at last revision)

    for audio I did this :

    The dsdt from here & fleebailey are good

    The sleep problem can have multiple sources (mine was a problem with video card)
    On this post :
    There is a dsdt with no hdef section and the section with gtx560ti video so you may paste there whats needed for your gpu


  2. Hi,

    do you have a regular P6T? Not SE or Deluxe? If you have an older version, what installation options did you choose exactly? Because I am having a problem with OSX recovering from sleep, an over a minute delay on boot and also I can’t set the onboard soundcard (but I am using a Juli@ instead).


  3. Hi pocharlies, I’m having the same problem with both OS. I only have a Vertex 2 SSD but it doesn’t work as fast as it should. :S

  4. Hi gsus
    You may try to boot with the -v option to see whats happening in the verbose format

    also you may add the option GraphicsEnabler=No
    In case your video card is not natively ok


  5. hi there!
    im tryin to install hackintosh in my computer, btw im using:
    p6t se
    intel core i7 920
    seagate barracuda 1tb
    kingston 12gb ram 1333mhz

    i bought mountain lion from appstore and made the usb booter with the tony’s guide with unibest.
    i set up the AHCI with my sata and all looks fine.
    i press F8 and the usb boots to the unibeast manu, i choose the USB and runs white screen with the apple logo, then appears the spining clock/apple and my screen conection goes lost. (i dunno how to xplain).
    i tried with hdmi / vga but anyway it doesnt looks working.

    any suggestion or help?

    Thanks sooooo much!

  6. Hello,

    Actually i’m runing ML hackintosh with Asus P6TSE and i have SSD OCZ Vertex3 and SSD OCZ Vertex2.

    Vertex2 is writing to 30MB/S and reading to 90MB/S and Vertex3 writing 140MB/S and reading to 255/MBs…

    I’ve trim enabled installed and theorically it show that it’s working but no lucky….

    I had the same problem in Lion.


  7. Hi cmuchal

    And thanks ;)

    Actually i did my install again and this time it went good.
    So certainly there was some “human error” in the options choice.

    Anyway thanks for your reply :-)

    C U

  8. Hello,

    what p6t DSDT did you use?? or you used the easy install on multibeast ?

    to janjac

    did you try writting ,,PCIRootUID=0,, in chimera when starting to boot ?

  9. Hi !

    may you tell wich boot options you use for first boot after install ?

    I don’t manage to boot after fakesmc + dsdt install (!?)

    Thanks a lot !

  10. Can you give us an overview which kext Must be installed? I installed ml fresh. But it needs a Lot of Time to boot

  11. By the way, wake from sleep doesn’t work with the patched AppleACPIPlatform.kext from MultiBeast. It works with the original kext from 10.8, but then there’s the 75s boot delay.

  12. Travis, that’s odd. Even with standard BIOS settings (I overclocked my CPU) you should get 14000-15000 points. Make sure you enable C and P states in Chimera (or whatever boot loader you’re using).


    You’ll also need a DSDT that matches your board (I’m using the plain P6T, non-SE, non-Deluxe). I still use the DSDT from FleeBailey which you should find somewhere on this web site.

  13. Jan, Do you have a guide with you BIOS settings? I have 6 core cpu and SSD but my system does not boot near as fast as yours and my geekbench score is a little more than half yours. Something seems off. Thanks.

  14. Wayne, there are 3 or 4 versions of the P6T board. The P6T, the P6T SE, the P6T Deluxe v1 and v2. I have the P6T, so a writeup what I had to do to get ML running probably won’t help you at all since the Deluxe has different hardware components.

  15. Hi Jan,

    Is there any chance you could do a writeup of what options you selected when you ran Multibeast, along with what DSDT you selected? There doesn’t seem to be any good resources for the P6T Deluxe (V1) & Hackintoshing when it comes to Unibeast & Multibeast :(

    Thanks in advance!

  16. 640×480 res @ boot

    after boot fully functional 1080p (my screen res is 1920×1080)

    i hvnt tried to MOD the bios yet..

  17. Hi Jan,
    thnkx for all ur posts, i found lotta help ryt from snowy.. i need a little more help.. :) pretty much fine with ML i hv nw.. the oly thing i’m chasin after is to get 1080p boot screen. did u Mod ur gfx bios…? or does dat natively support high resolution.. i got xfx 5770 and works like a charm on Lion, ML, but it has 640×480 res & i dont find dat pretty.. :(
    any idea’s….?

    thnkx a lot :)

  18. Thanks. That did the trick for the 6850. That is a pain. But it is a lot easier to install OSX with these new installers, great guides and help from the community than it was a few years ago when I first tried to install 10.5. :)

  19. If you have an ATI 6nnn card, you have to remove the ATI6000Controller.kext on the install volume to get rid of the white screen. Move it somewhere else so you can add it again once installation has finished (using Kext Beast for instance). Got that info somewhere from TonyMac’s forum. It’s a major PITA though, my ATI 6870 used to worked sooooo nice in OS X 10.7.

  20. I finally got it working. After giving up for a day I attempted it again. I used an old 8600GT instead of my 6850. I still had a problem with the white screen but got around that with the PCIRootUID=0 boot flag.

  21. I let it sit and it actually passed the IOAPIC part and then hung at a white screen.

  22. What version of Unibeast worked? I tried Unibeast 1.5 and it would hang with IOAPIC error. I think it is supposed to have the patched AppleACPIPlatform.kext to avoid this error. Any suggestions? Thanks.

  23. Hi there. I also have the same motherboard and CPU as you. Got ML gold master to install but Ethernet for the asus p6t deluxe v2 doesn’t work for me. Did you have a similar problem?

  24. I managed to install ML GM, everything works fine except sleep. Whenever I try to put it on sleep all my screen go blank but the cou is still running. I have to cold restart it. Any ideas ? Thanks in advance

  25. I’m using Marionez’ AppleHDA replacement. Works like a charm with ML. You should find the link somewhere on this web site. From OS X 10.7.4 on the P6T needs the AppleACPIPlatform.kext replaced. There’s a patched kext from 10.6.8 (works in ML too) available in MultiBeast.

  26. Ah well, probably end up doing that myself. For now I’m able to get sound using either my bluetooth headphones or through Apple TV.

  27. i am using an external USB sound card, I don’t think the P6t sound card is going to work any more since it require a 64bit kext to work with Mountain Lion. for $20 you can get a usb sound card thats mac compatible, and works 100 times butter.

  28. I finally got it to work, but i had to replace The AppleACPIPlatform.kext i have exactly the same system you have. did you have to do the same thing?

  29. How did you install Mountain Lion? I have been trying for a day now, with no luck!

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