ASUS P6T & OS X 10.6.4 update – still no TRIM support?

This morning, I successfully updated my Asus P6T Hackintosh from 10.6.3 to 10.6.4 using the OS X online updater. As usual I had to reinstall marionez’ AppleHDA kext to get sound with the Realtek ALC1200 but other than that updating went smoothly as usual. Detailed information about the 10.6.4 release is available here.

I have a TRIM-capable SSD in my rig but Apple’s System Profiler thinks it’s not TRIM-capable (see below). Any of you guys have SSD with TRIM-support in 10.6.4?

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  1. Is TRIM supported by Mac OS X? I thought that was one of the complaints about the latest MacBook Pros.. They can be ordered with an SSD, yet still do not support TRIM.

  2. on the technical side of trim, I’m not sure, but was thinking that it might be your P6T, and that may require a driver, which would typically be for windows and offered by Asus. And apple won’t supply that because they are assuming you’re using their board. But that may not be true. I’ve also heard someone state they saw this same message on apple’s apple hardware as well. And from elsewhere, it’s probably just the profiler saying that, giving you a false hope. It could also be that the OS forces it to say it’s not available because it’s the OS that can’t support it. Another reason I didn’t want a mac. Oh well, good luck.

  3. I hackintoshed in leopard for fun and to show a friend of mine with imac a mac that ran circles around his. He was sick, but impressed. And since you did it, I’m sure you know I’m right. But beyond that I run windows 7. Why? For example reasons like this where apple waits and waits to correctly support TRIM. I’ve had many disagreements with mac fans who claim mac is ahead of windows. But that’s just them talking to justify having one when in reality, most of the time, the real truth is that windows is ahead and the PC’s they run on are faster and cheaper. Proof again, is that you used a non-apple PC. Why? Because you know the truth is that apple rips people off for their hardware and gives too few choices. They didn’t even have i7 until a full year after PC users had it.

    Plus everything I’d want to do with music, studio, or video editing I could do on my PC in windows 7. Why did I need a mac? I don’t. I could see it if someone said, “HEY, I need a mac to run adobe photoshop!. I need a mac to run my music software! I need a mac to edit video!” and it were true, but all these things happen under windows too. People just say you need a mac for those things. Also a lot of people who get macs, turn around and in the next sentence end up loading windows anyway. Run the mac a while and then think, “Oh, wait I need to check something. Let me boot my windows up”. If they are in VM, it’s slower and if it’s BC it’s still slower, but almost as fast. However, their mac disappears when they do this. Then they boot back and load their mac again. Plus now they have two OS’s to take care of.

    And with windows 7, it’s very secure and stable as I’m sure you know. I’ve had no issues here. But even still, assuming there were some, a mac user just ends up running windows, and when they do, it’s the same thing they thought they were avoiding. LOL. Not that I think windows deserves that, but that’s what these people fool them selves into thinking. I really think 7 is fantastic, but again, if you follow that line of thinking, running mac makes little sense really And what about your P6T asus? Well, I paid about $750 for a full setup by shopping around. Can’t do that with apple hardware. Proving again, that pc CAN be cheaper and faster for those who look. Mines at 4ghz.

    So all the reasons for wanting apple begin to crumble and it becomes obvious they are nothing more than a pipe dream. Only if you desperately needed a particular piece of mac only software would it make sense, but in reality, 99% of the time you can do all the same things under windows.

    But back to TRIM, apple is late with that. This is just yet another example of why mac isn’t really a more simple solution, but more of an expensive one. Being late with i7 and then over charging is another example. Yet at apple they act like they are ahead of the curve when in reality they are usually behind. I’m not an apple hater and have owned them. I’m just a fan of what’s realistic and makes the most sense. But ifans will continue to “think differently” even if it’s not helping them as much as they think it is.

  4. I have a TRIM-capable SSD in my rig but Apple’s System Profiler thinks it’s not TRIM-capable (see below). Any of you guys have SSD with TRIM-support in 10.6.4?

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