USB Bluetooth dongle for your OS X 10.7 Lion Hackintosh

Want to use Bluetooth on your OS X 10.7 Lion Hackintosh? I went through several super-low-cost USB Bluetooth dongles until I found one that still works after waking the Hack from sleep, which seems to be a common problem for some Bluetooth dongles. I’m only using Bluetooth for my Magic Trackpad¬†though but so far, this […]

Lowering Radeon 6870 fan noise in OS X Lion

While in Windows 7 the Radeon 6870’s GPU fan is almost inaudible under idle conditions, the fan is clearly audible in OS X Lion. In OS X the GPU fan is permanently changing its speed which creates quite some bothersome noise. If you can’t live with that noise, here’s a tip for the not-so-faint-of-heart about […]

Best graphics card for an OS X 10.7 Lion Hackintosh

If you’re about to build a new OS X 10.7 Hackintosh or to replace the graphics card in your current Hackintosh rig, you may want to consider the AMD Radeon HD 6870. Power-wise it’s a mid-range graphics card which comes with an affordable price tag. The big advantage of the Radeon 6870 is that it […]

About OS X Lion NAS Time Machine compatibility, Netatalk & GPL violations

While many NAS-vendors like QNAP updated their products to ensure compatibility with AFP-shares in OS X Lion 10.7, things look different when it comes to Time Machine support. Most NAS-vendors still use an older version of Netatalk which supports AFP-shares in Lion (at least when using the DHX2 authentication module) but not the new Time […]

ASUS P6T Hackintosh & i7 970 6-core Gulftown CPU

Today, I updated the i7 920 Nehalem quad core processor in my ASUS P6T based Hackintosh to an even more spiffy 970 6-core Gulftown CPU. ¬†Since the i7 970 was retired and discontinued (EOL) recently, prices for the leftover stock have fallen sharply so I decided to get a new one as long as they’re […]

Stunning OS X Lion boot times on an ASUS P6T Hackintosh

Mac OS X Lion boot performance has been optimized and shows off some ridiculous boot times if booting from an SSD. Here’s a video of an ASUS P6T based Hackintosh booting OS X Lion. Inspired by MacRumors post about the new 27-inch BTO iMac being the fastest Mac ever, here’s the same with an […]

Tips & tricks using XPC for Mac OS X 10.7 Lion developer preview 2

The latest XPC EFI boot loader version 0.83.02 allows you to install Mac OS X 10.7 Lion dev preview 2 without having to change or copy a single file on the OS X install volume. Apart from configuring XPC it all works out of the box which simplifies installing OS X Lion a whole lot. […]

How to use a different bind IP address in TorrentFlux

TorrentFlux is a web-based PHP front-end for the BitTorrent client BitTornado. It’s a great software to download torrents on Linux servers that have no desktop manager installed. BitTornado uses the server’s default IP address for it’s peer-to-peer connections by default. If your server has multiple IP addresses, you may want to assign a different IP […]

ASUS P6T & Mac OS X Lion 10.7 dev preview using XPC boot loader

I finally managed to run Mac OS X Lion 10.7 developer preview on my ASUS P6T Hackintosh rig. Installation from a USB thumb drive is not as easy as it used to be in 10.6 and earlier because the new OS X installer boots from a BaseSystem.dmg in 10.7 Lion. But the really hard part […]

RTMPDump WARNING: HandShake: Server not genuine Adobe

Since a few days you may get a warning using RTMPDump v2.3 saying “WARNING: HandShake: Server not genuine Adobe!”. RTMPDump v2.3 usually quits with a handshake error after it’s instructed to use a type 9 handshake by the server. For some sites using the older RTMPDump version 2.1d fixes the problem. If you’re on Mac […]