Colocating a Raspberry Pi Debian server in a data center

After weeks of waiting I finally received my first (but certainly not last) Raspberry Pi last week. This one is going to be colocated in a data center in Austria and I’m planning to run this website on it. I sent it off today and it’s due to arrive at the data center later this week so I’d expect to move to the Raspberry Pi (or short RPi) either this weekend or the weekend after.

I went for Debian because of all available images for the RPi, Debian “Squeeze” seemed to be most stable version for a production server. I should have gone with the basic Squeeze ARM-Netinstall image but I didn’t have the nerve to compile a kernel for the RPi. However, the provided Squeeze image is not really suited for a production environment and needs to be heavily apt-get purged. For instance, I threw out all X-related software and using the netstat command, I made sure no unwanted ports were left in the open (even though I’m additionally firewalling it). To free up more RAM for Linux I set the CPU/GPU split to 224/32 because the default 50:50 split doesn’t leave enough RAM to run a LAMP installation. After upgrading to the latest RPi firmware even my 8GB Sandisk Extreme Pro UHS-I SD card started working properly. The rpi-update updater comes in handy!

Now, colocating a bunch of Raspberry Pi’s is certainly not a service every data center is providing (at least not yet :). I saw this offer from over at Lowendtalk and they’re even colo’ing the RPi for free. Yeah, for free! This includes power, an IPv4, multiple IPv6’s and 100GB/mo traffic on a 100mbit port. AFAIK the offer is still up, check this link: Nope, looks like the offer has expired. Re-nope, here’s the sign-up link:

I expect that quite a few RPi’s are on their way to Austria right now and I’m really looking forward to see some photos of them once they’re installed in EDIS’s data center. It would be pretty cool to have the RPi’s lined up vertically in a 1U slot just like small blade servers. But since no such thing exists they probably just throw ’em on a table or something.

Please leave a comment if you’re going to colo your RPi too and what you’ll be using it for!

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  1. I was thinking that it would be nice to install a kernal that updates the images. So lets say I give an URL and it downloads an a new image if it sees that it has a higher version number then the one it’s running. Because lets face it we are all going to crash linux so badly that we can’t connect it whit SSH any more.

    As for the TOS as long as you don’t crash there network and no one complains I doubt they will notice.

  2. Eddie, you may want to check their TOS about the tracker thing, a private proxy would be no problem I guess.


  3. Thanks for the Tip about the Colo, I just register my account and soon ill mail raspberry. It’s going to serv my website, backup mailserver, Proxy and maybe even an Bittorrent tracker. Just need to be carefull not to break the OS in anyway sins there is no kvm.

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