Design/personalize your own custom credit card

Did you know that more and more credit card companies let you design your own credit card? Obviously you can’t change the text and general layout of the card but you can use your own background image on it. Depending on the company, they enforce some more or less strict rules about the content of your image. You could always try but don’t expect them to accept that nice Apple logo or your favorite Playmate’s boobs on the credit card you designed.

My credit card company is offering this service for a small one time fee and I’m racking my brain to come up with some original design.┬áBeing in a somewhat creative mood today I fired up Photoshop CS5 and the ideas started flowing:

#1: The Wannabe Showoff Credit Card

If your credit score is lower than the winter temperatures in Sibiria, this design may be for you. Yep, let your friends and that hot waitress over at Hooters believe that you’re a filthy rich s(n)ob.

#2: The NYC Traveller’s Credit Card

Times Square at night, an all time classic. Wild colors!

#3: The MetroCard Credit Card

Standing again at the turnstile after the game is over with an empty MetroCard and a large crowd behind you? No worries, just swipe your MTA MetroCard credit card!

#4: The StinkyFish Super Saver Credit Card

This card is so unbearably ugly that you don’t even want to take it out of your wallet and hand it over. This is a true money saver in these dire economic times!

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  1. Would like to purchase a card from you with a design of my liking.. Plz let me know if u can..thnxs

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