DNS-unblocking configuration for CBS’s iOS app

I love watching the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. Here’s what’s needed to watch CBS content on iPad outside the U.S. using my DNS-unblocking config generator.


      "name": "cbs-akamai-ipad",
      "dest_addr": "ipad-streaming.cbs.com",
      "modes": [
          "port": 80,
          "mode": "http"
          "port": 443,
          "mode": "https"
      "catchall": true,
      "enabled": true

Add this to config.json, regenerate the configuration files and make sure to upload them to the right places. As with NBC’s iOS app, the video stream itself is geo-fenced which may lead to considerable bandwidth consumption on your VPS server.

By the way, is it just me or does audio quality suck badly in CBS’s iOS app?