DNS unblocking setup tester

This may help setting up your own DNS unblocking solution:


Once everything has been set up properly, all ticks should be green like in this screenshot:


I just pushed another update to GitHub, please make sure to use a configuration generated with the latest generator version or the tester will fail. My main motivation to create this tester was to reduce the amount of support requests I’m receiving. Let’s see how well this goes :-)

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  1. Jan,

    Please ignore/delete my previous post. It seemed to work once from a browser, but I couldn’t get it to work again or with Fire TV (which is the main point).

    Need to dig deeper. Hopefully Wireshark will be useful.

  2. Dear Jan,

    there is a change in yahoo, here is the update.

    Have you (or anybody else) tried with amazon instant video??.. I’ve been adding some domains buy i can’t get it.


    I’d like to use my kindle for some videos.

    Best Regards

  3. Jan, thanks for the work thus far. It has helped me a great deal. My config is working. Unblocking tester passes with flying colors. Most geo-fenced services are working. However hulu is not working. Hulu is still reporting that iam not US, Vevo opens up but is unable to play videos.
    I have just gone ahead and used wireshark to try and identify all hosts being accessed. However adding all the identified hosts does not help. It almost appears as though either my IP is the one blacklisted by hulu or there is something that is now in the mix.

  4. Jan,
    I have created the conf files with new generator.
    -copied haproxy.conf file to vps like in pure-sni
    -Copied dnsmasq-haproxy.conf to /etc/dnsmasq.d and restarted
    – I did “sh iptables-haproxy.sh” and checked with “sudo iptables -t nat -L”; they seem loaded.

    I still get from tester :
    ” IPv6 is not enabled
    Web browser supports the TLS extension SNI
    Remote proxy setup is not working as expected”

    Pure-sni works with same setup.

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