Enable VIM TV-playback using VCDS/VAG-COM in your Audi MMI

Now, this is something for the Audi folks. If your Audi is equipped with a MMI TV-module or a DVD-player, security restrictions have been applied to stop video-playback while your car is moving above a certain speed threshold. This feature is also called VIM (Video In Motion) lock. There’s a guy from Russia who offers a VAG-COM/VCDS based solution to disable this restriction but a) he wants your precious money for this hack and b) he needs online access to your computer and to your car to set the VIM threshold. There are also expensive, CAN-based programming cables on the market for the same purpose.

Changing the VIM-threshold requires you to set a higher threshold value to a so called adaptation channel in your MMI head unit. Unfortunately, this channel is read-only unless you use a proper login code first. The login code is derived from a unique component ID in your car. Once you know this number you can write to that adaptation channel and set the threshold to any value you want to, whenever you want to and as many times as you like. Please read the instructions to learn how to obtain the component ID (it’s not the vehicle ID number VIN) from the MMI head unit. This component ID then has to be entered in the VIM code calculator.

Using some creative witchcraft (I can’t be more specific but it didn’t involve any of the mentioned commercial solutions) I figured out how the VIM unlock login-code is being calculated. I wrote a free web-based VIM-code generator so anyone can disable the VIM restrictions, you just need someone with a VAG-COM/VCDS to do it for you. If you don’t own a VAG-COM/VCDS diagnostic cable you may be interested to know that there’s a VAG-COM locator available.

Fortunately, the VIM unlock login-code generation algorithm is the same for the MMI 2G and 3G (at least as of July 2009), so yes, using the generated login-code you can enable TV/DVD-playback at all vehicle speeds for the MMI 3G as well!

Depending on the MMI system generation you want to VIM-enable, click one of the following links to get to the detailed instructions. This is MMI 2G/3G only, I won’t offer a solution for RNS-E based systems.

Click here to learn how to enable VIM for the MMI 2G
Click here to learn how to enable VIM for the MMI 3G

You can either use the links above to generate your personal login-code or download a Windows based generator here.

Warning/Disclaimer: Do not “watch and drive”! It may even be illegal in your country to watch video/TV while the car is moving! This is for experimental purposes only.

Use this link to translate this post to German or any other supported language.

669 thoughts on “Enable VIM TV-playback using VCDS/VAG-COM in your Audi MMI

  1. Niiiiice!!!! A free web based VIM login code generator is a great start but something built into VAG-COM like the long coding helper would rock so much more!

  2. I’ll keep my eye on this, as I will soon have MMI 3G and would be extremely interested in that feature for the front passenger.

  3. I just sent out the URL for the VIM login-code generator to the beta testers. I don’t have access to a MMI 2G so I have to rely on those guys for feedback. I think we may have some (hopefully positive) results within the next two weeks.

  4. Hallo,

    habe ein VAG-COM und würde gerne an dem Betatest für MMI 2G teilnehmen. Bitte um Zusendung des login-code-generator

  5. Hi, I am also interested in beta testing your VIM-Code generator. I am looking forward to receive the access to your tool.
    Thanks a lot for you work on this.

  6. We’re in the final stages of the web-based VIM-code generator. I’m still waiting for some feedback from the beta testers but if they’re all positive, I think we can go live today or tomorrow.

  7. Today, we successfully tested the generator on two MMI 2G head units and one MMI 3G head unit. It still needs some fine tuning but we’re almost there.

  8. I have try it today the VIM code generator and it works for me :)

    I had Serial Number : 331CE087522224 and i get this codes :

    02242 and 02224

    and for me it works : 02242

    and i have enabled it the channel 63 in 07 Head Unit – 10 Adaptation

    from value = 0 to value = 255

    thank you verry much for your work and for sharing it with us for FREE

  9. Hey, I have the 2009 A4 B8 Prem Pkg. I still couldnt figure out how I would get this MMI to work because I dont have the Navi package. Is it still able to work and me some how able to unlock the GPS ?

  10. kristoffer, no there’s no plan to work on a non-Audi VIM-generator.

    Paulo, a Windows-based generator will be available today.


  11. Hi,
    tried on an Audi S3 8P (2009) and it didn’t work.
    1. I’ve neither an controller on adress 07 nor on anress 5F. The information for VIM is saved in the radio-controller (56) on channel 5.
    2. The range for VIM is only 0 or 1 which means 0 for US (0 km/h) and 1 for Europe (up to 5 km/h).
    3. My serial no. starts with AUZ…. and not with digits. I tried both login-codes but i got only error messages.

    Can anyone proof this?

  12. Chris, this is only for A4-A8, Q5, Q7, S4-S8 with the “real” MMI, not for the RNS-E which is what your car has.

  13. @Jan: I supposed so… but perhaps s.o. gets the trick with my “RNS-E” ;) Because there are lots of S3s with a TV-module. :D

  14. I tried it on my Feb A4 B8 MMI 2G; and the code was acceoted but when i try to read channel 63 it find nothing. I tried with standard as well as with beta versions of VCDS. looks like there is no channel 63 in my MMI2G. it is the module 7 all right… am i doing something wrong ?

  15. today i tried on my MMI3g A5 and that works. I am guessign that on my MMI2g A4 (i have both) my MMI version unlocking channel is not 63 and must be another one…. if someone know which one to look that would be be great as the login code was accepted but since there is no data in channel 63 i can’t unlock it.

  16. Hey habe heute mein DVD im MMI3G freigeschaltet, hat super funktioniert. Danke an die die das möglich gemacht haben ;-)

  17. In my A8 2003, value from the “Serial number” field in the form is 00000000000000 (14 x 0), and login-code generator say: code is 00000 (5 x 0). After that VAG-COm say: wrong number.
    Please help.

  18. As I said before, it won’t work with any RNS-E or MMI 1G. MMI 2G/3G devices are only installed in cars built within the last 3-4 years.

  19. Received my 2010 S4 Avant this week. Mod words perfectly! Great watching/ listening music DVD’s over B O 5.1 stereo :)

    Thank you very much!

  20. There are some steps pointed out in the instructions of the online generator page. The rest is the same.

    “If you’re using a VAS 505x use channel 001 to get the serial number (first field) and remove the leading zero from the generated login-code (4 digits instead of 5).”

  21. …just made it with VAS505x, login-code without the “0” at the beginning, setting Channel 48 to from value 0 to 255, safe, restart of MMI… but no TV function in “Media”. Did I made anything wrong?

  22. Karl, this is not about a TV function in “Media”. It’s about playback while driving if there IS a DVD/TV already there.

    DesertRat: No, it won’t. MMI 2G/3G only.

  23. Hello, my A8 BJ. Februar 2003 with MMI 2G have this serial.number:300AG037514776
    the login from VIM login-code genberator is 07164 or alternative 01476, but this two codes are wrong. please can you help me ???

    regards Mark

  24. Mark, this generator won’t work on your MMI 1G. This is not the 2G in a 2003 A8. MMI 2G devices are only installed in cars built within the last 3-4 years.

  25. I just took delivery of my 2010 Audi S5 and when I have already downloaded the VAG-COM software from the ross tech website but I need the cable.

    Ross tech says that for my S5 I need the VAG-COM HEX-USB CAN which is expensive. Are you guys that are doing the mod on your cars going to a garage and asking to use their cable or are you buying an aftermarket cable. I do see some on ebay for $US 10 to 30 dollars but most that I see are for the older version of the software and I am not sure those cables will be compatible.

  26. Hey all just got a new 2010 S5. I’m dying to get the dvd player going on the move. has anyone figured it out? I’d appreciate any input. I see most of the posts are for ’09 cars so I don’t want to screw it up.

  27. Hallo,

    vielen Dank, habe VIM bei meinem MMI 3G freigeschalten … hat perfekt funktioniert !

    Thanks a lot, I enabled VIM on my MMI 3G – worked perfectly !


  28. RS6 Avant 5.0 V10

    Congrats, great stuff and great website.

    Would it work on my RS6 with MMI 3G?

    Additionally I’m having same trouble to find somebody with VAG-COM/VCDS diagnostic cable in Geneva Switzerland. Any help?

    Thanks a lot

  29. hey!

    thank you very much for your great work – it worked perfectly with the first code!!! ;-))

    i used it on an A5 2.0 TDI MY 2010.

    thank you for publishing such good work for free!

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  31. Folks, so sorry for the newbie questions. I have a 2007 A8L (US model). it has the CD changer (but not the AMI). can I still take advantage of the VIM and other restricted options? if so, what do I need to do/add, etc.? many thanks.


  32. Worked great on the 2010 Audi Q7 (3G MMI)
    Fortunately, I did not need to purchase the $300 VAG-COM programming cable. Found someone on Craigslist who was renting it for $5.00 per day!

  33. 2010 S4 B8. First code worked like a charm. Thanks! Probably the same guy from craigslist who rents it for $5/day or $20 per week.

  34. Is it possible to remove component protection as well with the generated login code? Maybe changing some adaptation value…

  35. Newbi question here: Just picked up an A5 with 3G MMI and was wondering if the VIM can be programmed without the VAG COM cable.

  36. Hello,

    PlaesE help on this

    Submit the value from the “Serial number” field in the form below. If there’s more than one serial number, use the first one!

    witch code is it, the one i need to generate?


  37. Some of the latest MMI 3g (after Feb 2010) does not work. Security code is a mixture of characters.
    ex) Login code: 02R6Q
    Is there no way? Please help me ~

  38. MK, that’ not good news. Judging from your feedback it looks like Audi changed the algorithm. Please include any links to forum posts of users in the same situation if you have them.

    If it’s as easy as before to reverse engineer the new algorithm, I’ll certainly update the VIM unlock code calculator. As for now I have no information if or when that may happen. You may want to add a subscription to this feed so I can let y’all know when beta testers are needed.

  39. Hi & thanks for the information.

    Works perfectly with my Nov 2009 A6 Le Mans. The first code worked perfectly.

    Just to check – the value 255 – is that the threshold in KPH? Could I set it to 30 for example to get VIM at slow speeds but not motorway speeds?

  40. Splendid Jan, thank you.

    Also, do you know whether this leaves a footprint (for warranty purposes) if I was to set it back to “0” before taking it to a dealer?

    Thanks for all your hard work by the way!


  41. Pete, you could always revert the change the way you mentioned. I’t’s highly unlikely you will have any warranty issues with this modification anyway as it’s the official way doing this.


  42. I have a friend doing VIM to may car 2010 Audi A5 sportback, but now i save radio station list, radio settings, navigation settings. but after 30 minutes after car stops and lock, the settings are gone and goes back to the settings before VIM. is this possible ? if i do it your way… will be saved the settings i want and all the radio stations list?

  43. Thank you so much!! It worked right away. Got my new Audi S5 Year 2010 unlocked. The numbers in the current (german) VAGCOM have slightly changed. Security Access is 15 instead of 16 for example. However even without the correct numbers the process worked like a charm! Thanks again

  44. Thanks so much Jan. Just had my Audi A5 2010 MMI3G unlocked.
    I can’t believe this works. I almost bought a plug-in. Special thanks to Peter B. in Anaheim, Calif. for the use of his VAGCOM.

  45. Hi Jan,
    As for a few others, I just cannot figure out where to find the ID number that you have to input into your VIM unlock-code generator.
    Is it the car unique ID number (chassis number, ex WAUZZZ4F…) or is it a number that you can find inside the MMI system itself?

  46. Anyone has tried with the very new version of MMI 3G? i.e. The new Audi Q5 2010?
    I am asking because people have found difficulties for engine chip tuning in that car model (end 2009-2010), with a necessity to physically open the engine chip box to access the parameters. A classic through VAG-COM cable is not feasable!
    Would that be only for engine chip tuning with access still ok for MMI changes?

  47. all the VAG cars made after 05/2009 have tuning protection active on. mine too. 2010 A5 sportback 3.0 tdi quattro.

  48. I have done this mod on a 2009 Audi A5 and a 2010 Audi Q7 TDI. Worked fine on both vehicles. Thanks for the help.

  49. hello.
    i’m a frenchie so excuse me for my english.
    is it works with european audi ?
    thanks a lot four your answer

  50. I trid today for MMI3G Q5 2010
    5F serial is K5FAN158A05NW
    But Log in code is 0naw0 !!

    please tell me the true login code!!

  51. I got this number; K5FAN1-69A15R7. I tried replacing alphabets with 0; 6901507, and got 00070, which didn’t work unfortunately.
    I tried this because I knew a guy who got the similar number; K5FAN1-xxxxxxx was succesful in generating the valid code. In his case, there is no alphabet included in xxxxxxx. But this shows at least the basic system hasn’t been changed??
    I think the alphabet substitutes for a certain 0-9 digit.

  52. to motom
    If you did that ” K5FAN1-69A15R7. I tried replacing alphabets with 0; 6901507″

    I think the code is 00071 or 00157,
    Plese retry,and if it will work ,tell me.

  53. to kervin
    Do you mean A=1 R=2?
    K5FAN1-69A15R7 login code :02171 or 01157

    If so what does it change N and W ?

    Please help

  54. Hi, I’ve never know the Login code that is
    K5FAN158A05NW and including some alphabet in latter half of serial.

    Can anyone clear this matter.

  55. Hi.
    I tried today for MMI3G S4 2010,control module 5F serial is K5FAN158A0NHX.
    But,generate log in code is 0HAXO. Is this changed the algorithm?

    please help me!!

  56. Please help!
    i just got a 2010 A6 2.8q
    I got number K5FAN1 55A094K……
    log in cod doesn’t work.

    please help me..

  57. A6 saloon (c6) 56 reg my2007. Worked like a dream first time. Excellent instructions and software. Many thanks

  58. I need to disable module protection on the SDS module (2005 A8). Is there a website that can help with this?


  59. Excuse my ignorance. How do I get the serial of my A5 to insert and then get the code? Where is the port to connect the cable vag?

  60. I Know about some problems about VIM with new MMI 3G with K5FAN… serial number. There are new solutions to solve this problems?

  61. I’d better put this in the right spot this time…

    Hey Jan, nice work with the unlock code. I’m sure there are a great number of user on the web that owe you a debt of gratitude.

    I’m taking delivery of a new Q7 4.2 TDI with the latest 3G MMI and I am assuming that the 3G unlock code will probably not work for me.

    Let me know if there is some way in which I can assist you to create an unlock code generator for these latest 3G MMI systems.

    I know cars and electronics pretty well and don’t want any credit for the work. Perhaps if you provide some insight into the method originally used, I can do something similar.

    I have a VAG COM cable, so I can access all of the electronics required.

    Anyway, let me know if you are interested.


  62. I finally got my brand new Q5 (end of April 2010) and VIM enabling worked perfectly well.
    Great job Jan.
    Many Thanks.

  63. Great! It works perfect with my Audi Q5 2010
    Made in china
    by FAW-Volkswagen.

    VCDS Info:
    VCDS Version: Beta 10.3.0
    Address 5F: Information Electr.
    Control Module Part Number: 8KD 035 670
    Component and/or Version: H-BNT-CN H10 0008
    Software Coding: 010700060005A1EF55000B0E00000003

  64. I finally picked up my Q7 4.2TDI and enabled needle sweep, the lap timer and the hidden developer menu, disabled the seat belt warning chime and enabled VIM.

    The process works flawlessly. Just needed to remember to select the correct module. Module 5F, not module 5.


    Thanks Jan, you are a legend.

    Now, I just need this level of control over my Passat R36

  65. Forgot to mention,
    Audi Q7 4.2 FSI
    Japanese Spec.
    MMI 2G,
    VIM disabled. Perfect instructions and easy to follow, worked like a charm.
    Many Many Many thanks.

  66. Unfortunately, no. There’s absolutely zero information about these models. It looks like the non-K5FAN models are still being built into the latest Audis. Maybe this will change with the next model year (starting these days) and we will get some more information about the K5FAN models.


  67. Your input is greatly appreciated. It worked for me. Mine is a 11-09 produced 2010 model B8 S4

    thanks a bunch!

  68. Everthing about MMI 3G on this site works great. I hope for the future that are coming more great information from 3G. I like it Thanks for so far. Dennis Q5 2010 S-line 2.0TFSI S-tronic

  69. Ryan, I have the same audi as yours. If you’re in NJ or NY, could you possibly remove VIM restriction on my S5?

    I have no clue of how it is actually done.. It looks very complicated, and I don’t have VCDS/VAG-COM (I don’t even know what it is to be frank..)

    Please let me know if you could do this for me.. Thank you very much!! smsmlee@gmail.com

  70. I am not very computer/electronics savvy. I have a 2010 Q7. Just to get this strait, do i need to get this cable in order to enable the VIM or can I do it directly from my car. can anyone post step by step directions for dummies on how to make this work…thanks

  71. Does anyone know the procedure to enable the DVD playback on the 2005 S4 (I believe they have the RNS-E systems)?

  72. my 2010 q7 serial number is K5FAN1 52A17WK ,but the generator doesn’t work ,would you please show me my login code,thanks a lot!!

  73. Dear Sir:

    I had a Car A6 in China. The Serial No is K5FAN1 49A1Z24. I try to use the VIMGEN, The code is 02a41(alternative code is 0A1Z4). But the system can’t input alphabet. Can I do that??

    Thank you!


  74. La manip fonctionne!! Mon code était 115. Ms maintenant il faut que je résolve mon pbl de tuner tv analogique!
    It works good but i have too résolve my tv problem! I have a analogiq tv. Tuner…

  75. I’ve been trying to generete security code for K5FAN1——.
    And I want to know many serial number after K5FAN1.
    Please leave a message with your serial number.
    Thank you.

  76. Is there any chance the algorithm for generating the code could work for an VW Rns-510 ?
    As i can see the other adaptation channels are similar.. So its all about the login code

  77. Hi Guys,

    Really interested in doing this mod on my new (5 day old!) A4 Avant.
    Could somebody tell me exactly what cable you got to do the mod and where from?
    I can see lots of options on e-bay etc, but not sure of exactly what I am looking for.


  78. Worked perfectly on 2010 Audio Q7 with Nav etc using a HEX-USB+Can cable (Ross-Tech) and version 10.6.1.

    First code was accepted with no issues.

  79. I’ve done this to 15-20 audi models over the past 12-18 months, and it’s worked perfectly each time. Great instructions on this page, and the coding is top notch. I’ve done Q7’s, A6’s, A4’s, A5’s, all various options & engine configurations. Thanks for the help!

  80. Bought VAG-COM USB 805 RUS. Gained two five-digit logins via generator. non of them fits. says “such operations require lisence”. But test was OK.
    Audi Q5. Maybe I need an SKC? an how do i get it? I have a new immobilizer with changing code. WHAT DO I NEED TO DO?

    Thanks in advance

  81. I am trying to enable VIM in my 2007 A6 3.0 TDI (MMI 2G).
    I do have a VAG K+CAN cable but it is not from Ross Technic so I can’t use their software.
    I am using VAG COMMANDER 5.1 software, but I don’t know where to find the “Advanced ID – 1A” menu.
    Instructions provided seem very simple for VCDS software, but I just can’t get it for VAG Commander.

    Please Help, thanks!

  82. Uhh, but where do I find the requested ‘Serial Number’, or is that in the display when the VAG/COM thing is connected?

  83. I have installed it in my 3 week old 2011 model Audi A4 (MMI3G) and it works!
    The menu numbers as described were different here, but if you look at the description of the menu, you will be able to find it!
    Thanks for the link!!! AWESOME!!!

    860 306 8080 WILL PAY KINDLY

  85. Well ordered the VAG-COM cable from ROSS-TECH and used my Windows 7 notebook and followed the instructions line by line & within 20 min had the VIDEO IN MOTION unlocked!! My car is an 2011 AUDI S5 W/MMI 3G and all is working fine and have never been happier to watch my live concert DVD on my morning drive to work and I’m willing to meet up with anyone in the HARTFORD area to perform the HACK to get them up and running. my contact info is TONI FISHMAN 860-306-8080 I charge $125.00 for my time to do said modification to any AUDI or VW in the CONNECTICUT AREA…

  86. Toni,
    How are you accomplishing the RNS510 dvd in motion? Are you using the vag-com? Currently I am using MRM service tools to enable VIM on any rns510, change pins, etc. Just curious if you found a way to do it with the vag-com?


  87. I have a rosstech vagcom and an rns 510 on my vw mkv golf gti and wanted to know if you have a fix for it so i can get video in motion please.

  88. Is there any way to get a video input added to an S5? I want to be able to hook up my video MP3 player as an aux input and run video on it. I have a yellow composite, as well as a red and white stereo audio.

    Also Toni… where are you located? I am in Long Island.

  89. Adam,
    As far as I know you can’t use the Vag-Com for the RNS510 units as of yet. I use special software call MRM RNS510 Service tools to enable VIM on the rns510 units. If your in the states I charge 100 for the programming. If your in the tri-state area you can come by and get it done.


  90. VIM worked first time. Not sure about the MMI 2G reboot as my right hand drive car has buttons in different positions and I couldn’t get the system to obviously shut down BUT, it still worked perfectly anyway! The wife can set DVD’s up for the kids much more easily, many thanks!

  91. some questions, just got a 2011 q7, do i need a cable still or can i just do the code thing? i live in australia

    help would be good

  92. You need a hex can cable to connect between a computer and your can and vcds soft ware. Then you enter to code in the software on your computer and upload it to your car effectively.
    Visit Ross tech . Com or search for a local person with vcds software or the previous version known as vag com. You/they will need the hex can cable, either serial port or USB. The lesser cables won’t work with your new car.
    Good luck

  93. Hello,
    I try this manual for my Audi A6 4F 2006 and I have problem with adaptation. It show me channel is not available, but before I write login and it say me: Security login is god…but then nothing changes and the channels are still unavailable. I have VCDS 8.05. Where is the problem?


  94. Hi,
    Found a guy with a vag-com/vcds that changed all my settimgs i wanted and also followed the VIM guide. It worked perfectly as described.

    On my Audi A4 model B8 2010 with MMI 3G

    Sven (Belgium-EU)

  95. I just had this done on my 2011 Q5 2.0 TFSI and it works great! Printed off the directions and took it into a local Audi tuner (Denver, CO). The only roadblock was that they had to figure out that the ‘serial number’ that you enter into the code generator is not part of the VIN, but relates to the MMI unit itself (which appears to be only accesible by the vag-com/vcds, not in the normal driver-operated MMI menus). After that, no problems. Took about 40 min, $75. Thanks for the great tip!

  96. Hi,frankie
    In this site,it’s described to get your serial number.

    for 3G
    1.Select control module 5F in VAG-COM/VCDS
    2.Select “Advanced ID – 1A”
    3.Submit the value from the “Serial number” field in the form below. If there’s more than one serial number, use the first one!

    for 2G
    1.Select control module 07 in VAG-COM/VCDS
    2.Select “Advanced ID – 1A”
    3.Submit the value from the “Serial number” field in the form below. If there is more than one serial number field, use the first one!

  97. That is the serial of the unit ,I have done this procedure at least 10 times it is from the advanced id reading was made with vcds but this time after I put the login security code the 5f give me login rong login code!!!!!!

  98. If you have a rns-510 unit which is the only one that plays dvds you cannot do this with vcds and a vagcom cable unfortunately. You can use a hardware bypayss but a lot of times it interferes with the navigation system, alternatively there are a few people, myself included who can perform a software solution by programming the radio itself with no canbus external units or anything that would or could void your warranty. Myself I charge 100.00 for the service and you could get it done on the spot if your in the tri-state area, if not you could ship the unit and pay the 100 + shipping charges. Turnaround time is about 1 day if you use overnight shipping, only takes me 2 minutes to program the unit


  99. Worked fine with
    2011 S5
    2010 A6
    2010 A8

    Now all we need is a code generator for VW, developer. Id be willing to start up donations for a VW generator.. Let us know


  100. It doesn’t work for my car. 2011 a4

    VCDS Version: Beta 912.0
    Address 5F: Information Electr.
    Control Module Part Number: 8KD 035 666 A
    Component and/or Version: H-BN-CN H15 0011
    Software Coding: 010700000006F3EDC5001F0E00000001
    Work Shop Code: WSC 00430

    Advanced Identification
    Serial number: K5FAN153A4JCL
    Identification: AN1-MON
    Revision: ——–
    Date: 04.11.10
    Manufacturer number: 0004
    Test stand number: 0351

    i submit “K5FAN153A4JCL”
    reslut: Unfortunately, the latest MMI 3G units are not supported!

    it can’t be generate for this S/N??

  101. Same problem as Lin. Serial: K5FAN153A239W, code generated: 09AW2 or 0A23W. The security access, however, seems only accept digits.

  102. Serial Number:K5FAN184A571D
    Serial Number:K5FAN1 53A0EJ5
    Unfortunately, the latest MMI 3G units are not supported!
    At this time it’s unkown if and when a login code for these units can be generated.
    May I ask how to solve Can 3GMMI way to run Video In Motion
    Thank you

  103. A4B8K berline 2.0L TFSI 211 cv Stronic Quattro de juin 2010
    Il ne fonctionne pas sur mon MMI 3G+ (Navigation 3D & DVDvideo et HDD)
    N° serie : 483E/OA7621199 qui donne comme codes dans le générateur soit 09291 ou 02119

  104. Non, il a accepté le code, c’est parce qu’il faut l’introduire dans un court délai sinon le programma ne l’accepte pas !

  105. I just used the MMI3 code generator / instructions to unlock and enable VIM on my North American 2012 A7

    the primary difference on the instructions is that setup button is now called memory, and I had to reboot mmi a couple of times to get VCDS to read the values without crashing.

  106. I just used this to unlock the security access on my 3/11 build A4 Avant and it worked fine. I’ve yet to test it, but I was able to access the controller.

  107. So i do need some kind of cable and stuff, which will not be free? So i can’t just do this at home in the car?

  108. Hi
    I have Audi A6(2008)2D.I tried with VCDS release 805. At adoptation 10 it says channel 63 does not exist (error). Help please. I purchased cable and software from ebay. Is it the right version of software ?

  109. Any one in the Chicago area has the VAG COM cable that can help me with this? Willing to pay. call at 224 715 0269

  110. Dear Ulich
    I have the same model. You wrote that you did it successfully. Could you please help me. At the end it says chanel 63 not avaiable (error).I am in Leeds area UK.You may contact me via email.

  111. This is the serial number i get…..

    Advanced Identification
    Serial number: 490K$097533472
    Identification: JTB-074
    Revision: ——–
    Date: 03.11.09
    Manufacturer number: 0023
    Test stand number: 00AD
    Flash Status
    Programming Attempts(data): 1
    Successful Attempts(data): 1
    Flash Tool Code(data): 00000 000 25477
    MOST Net: 02.01.04
    TP 2.0: 02.04.05
    BAP: 01.04.01
    Unknown: 02.02.03
    Theft prot.: 03.02.03
    Hardware number: 8T1 035 664 B
    Workshop System Name: J794
    Equipment/PR Code: 0042D1EE0A7EBDCC
    VCDS Info:
    Labels: Redir Fail!

  112. Forgot to add…..
    I entered the entire number as listed with the “$” sign:
    Serial number: 490K$097533472
    Produced two sets of numbers, if the first doesn’t work try the second.
    The first worked and allowed me to alter the value at stated in the instructions.
    My car is a 2010 Q5 premium Plus with nav 3G MMI.

    Thanks guys,

  113. Thanks for the info but I can t get it work.
    Here is my log :
    Advanced Identification
    Serial number: 345KX087537410
    Identification: JTB-074
    Revision: ——–
    Date: 24.11.08
    Manufacturer number: 0025
    Test stand number: 0439
    Flash Status
    Programming Attempts(data): 2
    Successful Attempts(data): 2
    Flash Tool Code(data): 83685 995 07050
    MOST Net: 02.01.04
    TP 2.0: 02.04.05
    BAP: 01.04.01
    Unknown: 02.02.03
    Theft prot.: 03.02.03
    Hardware number: 4E0 035 666
    Workshop System Name: J794
    Equipment/PR Code: 18B58E530E2F07FD
    VCDS Info:
    Labels: Redir Fail!
    What should I do ?

  114. Worked fine after I put the serial number in correctly. Make sure you put the space in there – not sure if it’s case-sensitive too.

    My car is a 2011 A4 Avant.

    Thank you very very much!

  115. Yves,
    Did you at least get the code generator to to produce numbers for you? With your serial number I got:
    01307 (alternative code 03740)

  116. Hello Dave
    Yes I got the same ones but none of the work (invalid code)
    by the way, it’s a 2009 A6 with MMI 3G

  117. If anyone is in the tri-state area I do this without Vag-Com, I use a diff program which unlocks VIM and enables the test menu for 100.00. If your interested just email me : encryptusa@gmail.com


  118. If anyone is in the tri-state area I do this without Vag-Com, I use a diff program which unlocks VIM and enables the test menu for 100.00. If your interested just email me : encryptusagmailcom


  119. That’s gonna be too far as I live in Europ but in anyway I would pay 100 bucks to do that. You should better help the others for free you’ll need their help sometimes

  120. Well my friends and local board members all get it done for free, the same way I vag or do there odometers for free as well. This is a random board and many people dont have cables or sw. I dont use vcds, I use something much more expensive that is meant for odometers and just happens to do mercedes/bmw/land rover/VW/ and Audi 2g/3g mmi systems VIM as a side feature. So for 14k what I paid for the unit the occasional 100 bux to a board member isnt anything. The speed shops around here cant even do it with sw which dosent void your warranty, dealers dont know about and use an additional can based device which they charge 500+ for VIM. Now I think my time is worth the 100 bux to a stranger, a friend, no they dont pay. If someone can help me put in my led drl’s I’ll be glad to do you VIM or odometer if it happens to be reading the wrong mileage.


  121. I have a 2011 Audi TTS with Navigation and TV, but cant seem to access module 5F. Got the genuine RossTech Cable and latest VCDS. But keep getting “No response from controller”? Doing a scan it is like I dont have the 5F controller??
    Any ideas?

  122. Roders – make sure your engine is on. For some reason, some of the module won’t connect when your engine is off.

  123. Fabulous service! Worked first time on our 2011 Touareg Execline. Now my grandson can watch movies in the back seat. If only there was a way to use headphones now…

    Thanks from CANADA!

  124. Hi KC.
    Yes made sure Engine is on….it seems my 2011 Audi TTS does not have the 5F Module. Is this possible?

    • @niuzhihong: K5FAN* not supported.

      @Roders: If no CAN-controller is present at the 5F address it probably is not the MMI 2G/3G (“high” version) and the codes most likely won’t work even if you find the CAN-bus address of the MMI head unit in your Audi TT on a different address.

  125. hello
    i have a audi a5 sportback 2010 model with mmi3g and the code was wrong…
    what could be the reason?
    thanks for helping me out

  126. vaxpilot – I see you have a Q5 as well. i just bout a 2011 Q5. Can you shed some like on this whole process, disabling brake with DVD playback. I’m brand new at all this. can you break the process down big bird style for me? mprusin1@gmail.com


  127. Just got my 2012 Q5 and I have been trying to understand this first step:
    “Select control module 5F in VAG-COM/VCDS”

    I have no idea what that even means or where module F5 is.
    Any help?

  128. Codes didn’t work on 12 A4 Avante. Have full NAV with MMI 3G. Definitely got connected and was able to change gauge sweeps (cool). Are we supposed to use our VIN to generate the Security Code? Mine is WAUWFBFL8CA013239 and generated codes 03193 and 01329. Neither worked. Any ideas what I am doing wrong

  129. Ok, it worked on my 12 A4/B8 Avante. Used the Serial Number from Step 2 “Advanced ID – 1A”, didn’t catch the connection of that step. Codes 01233 and 02383 worked for security. Thanks.

  130. Hi guys, i’m new on my attemps to generate acess code for VCDS programm for my car Audi A7 (2010) MMI 3G. I’ll be very gratefull if someone (especially expirienced in Audi A7) can help me to generate this code based on the following information i had recieved reading 5F controller because i have some difficulties to stress out the right serial number from MMI. Thanks a lot in advance.

    Address 5F: Information Electr.
    Control Module Part Number: 4G0 035 182 E
    Component and/or Version: RMC Cnct Plus H43 0530
    Software Coding: 0100040001C0DB47402B060301010000000000
    Work Shop Code: WSC 02391

    Advanced Identification
    Identification: DE2-633
    Date: 21.09.10
    Manufacturer number: 0023
    Test stand number: 0210
    Flash Status
    Programming Attempts(data): 2
    Successful Attempts(data): 2
    Flash Tool Code(data): 00200 785 02391
    MOST Net: 02.01.01
    TP 2.0: 02.04.05
    Unknown: 02.02.03
    BAP: 01.05.00
    Theft prot.: 03.02.03
    Diag: 01.03.00
    KWP2000: 03.00.00
    Hardware number: 4G0 035 182
    Workshop System Name: J794
    Equipment/PR Code: 006836E02DA251EB
    Car Info
    Chassis Number: WAUZZZ4G2BN004174
    VCDS Info:
    Labels: None

  131. Hi,guys, I got the 2011 Tureg,but when I put the sn to site ,it show me don’t support the lastest MMI 3G number. does any body can give the code for me,many thanks.

    my sn:K5FAN175A5RJA

  132. To Mike Fung, seems you just made calculation based on my chassis no. Do you think it’s a right way? never heard it before. Anyway, I’ll try it. Thanks a lot.

  133. Hi All,

    Tried to unlock a 2004 Audi A8 with an MMI 2G high unit in and got invalid code after trying both serials listed below and both codes given by the generator. Any one got any idea why?

    Your personal login-code is 02246 (alternative code is 02624) for serial 300JG037526224


    Your personal login-code is 05044 (alternative code is 00404) for serial 322IG037504054


    VCDS Version: Beta 11.8.0 (x64)
    Address 07: Control Head
    Control Module Part Number: 4E0 910 729 F
    Component and/or Version: Interfacebox H43 0350
    Software Coding: 0000002
    Work Shop Code: WSC 00070
    VCID: 2B5EC7ACF41F
    Additional Info: 4E0910609A Bedienteil MMI H42 0020
    Additional Info: Geraet 83289

    Advanced Identification
    Serial number: 300JG037526224
    Identification: JTB-074
    Revision: 00000000
    Date: 01.10.03
    Test stand number: 0001
    Manufacturer number: 0145

    Serial number: 322IG037504054
    Identification: JTB-074
    Revision: 00000000
    Date: 04.09.03
    Test stand number: 0001
    Manufacturer number: 0000
    Hardware number: 4E0 035 729 A

  134. I’ve read instructions but it is not clear which number should be used as a “Serial Number”. It seems to me that I am not the only one confused.

  135. This post is for all the noobs like me. Just did this on my 2012 Q5- worked perfectly. I bought this to do so:

    The cable connects to a port on left of the steering column right above the foot rest. I used my laptop running xp with the software provided with the cable above. Following the instructions above exactly step by step worked perfect first time.

    Are you saying that you have used this code generator and instructions to enable video in motion on your VW TOUREAG with which I believe is running a RNS850 unit? Can you please clarify this and list steps on exactly how you accompished this.


  137. i’ve try into my A6 C6 2004 but all 2 security code generated from the respective 2 SN doesn’t work !
    Do you have any suggestion for me ?
    Regards !

  138. Can I ask you guys something, are you doing this on US or EU cars? My question being is that I can unlock MMI 2G/3G/3D units via my enigma, vagtech cable or this method but after i change mmi from 0kmh to 255kmh nothing plays. Where are you guys inserting the DVD for it to play and what menu option are you using. Just curious if this is something that maybe just EU have dvd players in there dash and us members do not, I cant see that though as i know people who have it working on mmi systems. So can you confirm this works on US based systems, where do you put the dvd in to play and also what source you select to view.


  139. Yojoeybr question I have a 2008 Audi q7 with MMI system, nav and everything else. Now under my screen is 6 disc player, in trunk is nav dvd. I don’t see any other slot? Maybe if you dont have the 6 disc player there is a single dvd slot there?


  140. Yojoeybr,
    When I put the DVD disc in the place of the nav disc all i get is please insert nav disc? Do I have to select special source, or does your just start playing?


  141. yojoeybr,
    You know what I didnt do a reset afterwards. I wonder if i needed to reboot the mmi unit. I’ll try that today on my friends q7. Let me ask you, if your navi HDD or DVD. Do you remove your navi DVD to put in video dvd?


  142. I dont get it, so is Q7 the only one that dosent work. I setup my enigma read the headunit, set at 0kmh, I changed it to 255kmh and it set fine. But the DVD drive for the nav is in the trunk, in the front is a 6 disc changed. Is the Q7 not capable of playing dvd’s??? It is a 2008 Q7, I beleive it is a 3gmmi system.


  143. yes it does have the joystick in the middle, so im assuming its 3g. Problem is there is no disc slot underneath the screen, just a 6 disc player. The dvd for the nav is in the trunk.


  144. Friends, can someone please helppp me.. I cant find the serial number on my audi A1 2011. In 5F advanced identification it doesnt appear.. And module 07 its not installed in the car. If someone has done it on audi a1 please tell me where i can find it? And what to do? Is there an alternative way to obtain the code for secure acess 16 in vcds ? Please help….
    Thanks a lot.

  145. I couldn’t seem to get the MMI serial number in order to generate a VIM login code. Too bad my VAG-COM seemed to “hang” on this specific module 5F, so no information at all was shown when I pushed the “Advanced ID-1A” -button. (I can do adaptations tough…) However, it seems there is a different way to get the MMI serial number: when you enter the MMI service menu with the CAR + SETUP buttons, and then enter the system menu, there is a serial number shown. if you take this serial number and replace the “$” with a “.”, the VIM code generator will generate a correct code. At least, it did for me… (08/2010 A6 MMI3G). Please check if this works for you as well!

  146. In Audi A1 2011 – I can find de engineering menu pressing Car + Back for 6 seconds, but also dont show the serial number…I think its another kind of system (someone told me thats an RMC – not MMI 3g system) Thanks Maarten. Ive tried to find a way to disable the VIM for several days… But it seems that nobody has done it on Audi A1…
    Thanks for your post..

  147. Hi, it worked perfect with my 2009 Audi RS6. Now I bought a 2011 VW Touareg V8TDI with RNS 850 System. Does it work with this System also ?? Or has anybody a solution for this??
    Thanks Roger from Germany

  148. Roger,
    The RNS850 works on the same exact code system as the MMI3G. So you will be able to use the same code generator and also adaptation channels to unlock your rns850


  149. Frankie im trying to find the serial number in. audi a1 in 5f it doesnt appear and i dont have the 7 module installed in the car is there another place where i can find the serial number in audi a1
    Thanks a lot

  150. Hi guys i discovered that my a1 system isn’t mmi but Radio Music Concert – RMC with an AMI device. have anyone tryied this? Thanks a lot.

  151. It works on my Audi Q7 with MMI 2G. But since, the car battery go empty alone… How could I return with the original settings ?
    Does somebody know the original value in channel 63 instead of 255 ?
    Thanks in advance

  152. Hi, I tried it with my RNS 850 and it works perfectly to reboot RNS 850 when finished press Nav + Traffic + Clima + Phone + Knob :-)

  153. Hi Roger,
    to get it right, you still need the diagnostic cable to get access to the RNS 850. Or is there a way to do it directly through the touchscreen of the RNS 850?

  154. der einzige Beitrag, der nicht drum herum redet, hat mir sehr gut geholfen. Man sollte weniger über rechtliches diskutieren und lieber Möglichkeiten aufzeigen.
    (Audi A8 4E Bj 2005)

  155. Overall worked perfectly! Thank you!

    Successfully logged in after the second attempt with the alternative code.
    The first try with the normal code was not successful for me.

    The value of channel 63 is the speed value.
    For me the initial value was 3 [km/h], and I set it to 120 [km/h] and it worked.
    Beyond 120 km/h the MMI display was disabled. Reducing the speed, the screen was enabled again somewhere about 105 km/h.

  156. For all the guys who have it working on there q7, can I ask where you are inserting the disk?? I have a 2008 q7, but instead of the single disc slot under the screen i have a disc changer. Does that basically take away the DVD capabilities? The only DVD drive i know for sure i have in the car is the one in the trunk where the nav disc sits. If anyone could chime in I would greatly appreciate it. My enigmatool, and VCP both have this via obd, no need to even use vagcom so I can see its enabled but I cannot figure out where to put in the disc.

  157. Hey I have a 2012 Q7 when he states serial number provided below I don’t see it ……Could you explain it to me from beginning to end …..

  158. Hello thanks for your tutorial :o)
    I have a Audi A1 from 11/2011 and i can’t find the serial number…There is only en long number but it’s does’t compatible with the generator!

    It’s possible to deactivated on the A1??
    Help me because i need this option on my car :oD

  159. Is there anyone in the Portland, Oregon area that can do this for me? Let me know…you can email me directly at self.nathan at gmail dot com.

  160. Hello,

    I have a 2011 (november) Audi A1.
    On my attemps to generate acess code for VCDS I tried to find my serial number reading 5F controller but…serial number is not visible.
    Without serial number i can´t enable vim.
    Any ideas to access serial number ?

  161. has anyone purchased this cable and completed the job themselves?
    Car Auto Vagcom Vag10.6 Diagnostic cable VCDS HEX USB Interface for VW/Audi as there only £20

  162. I tried this using the VAG-COM cord they have at the dealership. I have an 2012 Q5 3.2L Quattro and went to 5F and saw NAR 2011 and DU7 High and two other lines but at no point saw a serial number or any coding that looked like the example and was not able to find a serial number.. Any suggestions on what i can do??? or where I can look. For sure it was the MMI 3G because the 5F option was the only one that matched. Please help me out

  163. Looking for someone to do this for me (as soon as possible, taking long road trip in 3 days). I’m in Los Angeles (near Santa Monica), will come to you, Will pay! =) I don’t have a vag-com cable. =( Email me jskate35 at gmail dot com. Thanks!!

  164. hi, this kind of tutorials are really good.
    I have an A1 2012 and can’t find the serial number
    anyone has managed to unlock the vim on a car like this?

  165. It workt great on my Audi A8 2003 NL.
    To restart the MMI 2G on my car I had to press the TEL button, the control button and the small button at the top right simultaneously.

  166. Hello

    I have just tried this on an A6 4F year 2009
    and it works. that was a very easy operation.
    for the next days i will try iton a Q5 year 2011



  167. Looking for someone to do this for me, im in phoenix AZ and am taking a trip to Canada and could use a distraction for my passenger. I am willing to pay. and I dont have a VAG com cable . (Please email chekle @ me . com)

  168. THANK YOU…. Your instructions and guide for 3g MMI VIM playback were spot on. The only thing left out, which I should have known anyhow, is that it is necessary to download the programming cable PC application in order to change the values. I downloaded the Ross-Tech application after borrowing a cable from someone off the Vag-Com Locator site listed above. I am stoked!!!

  169. Also… I forgot to mention that I used these instructions on a 2012 Audi A7 with 3g MMI. I figured out the button sequence on the first try. I substitued the “Menu” button for the “setup” button listed in the instructions.

  170. Hello,
    thank you very much for your work.
    But: For me the login codes doen´t work.
    Both were refused when trying to login on Touareg II from 2010.
    Any idea?
    It is RNS850 Navigation and there was only one serial Number

  171. Following your instructions, I’ve been able to enable bluetooth on my A5 MMI 3G.

    I also succesfully allow VIM on a brand new A6

    Thanks for your tricks.

  172. I would like to run my brazilian’s dvd in my Q5 but the system does not allow it. Any clue how to break the system and turn the the dvd to a multi-region one?
    Thanks for your help

  173. Hi,
    I used the VIM login code generator yesterday for an Audi A4 3.0 TDI, 2009. It works perfect and the procedure is very simple.

  174. @Carlos &Justin: you need a vcds vagcom Hex Can usb cable with windows based software from Ross Tech to access for serial then use trick77 suggested method to generate access code to enable vim. I was lucky I bought the cable from ebay at 66 pounds, comes with software (beta version from Ross tech). My local shop charges above Aud 400 for the cable.

  175. The access code doesn’t work on a 2012 S5. Also the alternative code doesn’t work. :( I have tried multiple times, tried different codes first, tried driving 30 minutes between tries, tried different days.

  176. I’m looking forward to activate it on My A1 MY2011 with concert radio, can’t find sn, any idea?!

    @RG: how did u get it? Thanks

  177. I have a 2011 A4 with Nav, would this VIM hack allow me to output my iphone screen via MMI to the NAV screen? That is what interests me the most.

  178. Just had a friend from GHE tuning in plymouth follow the info on the site with his vag com on a 2012 A4 and has worked perfectly ;-)

  179. works perfect for the MMI 2G High in my Audi A6 Avant 4F 3.0 TDI quattro. Thanks! Was absolutely easy to handle!

  180. Hi
    It was on the VCDS screen in the serial number field.
    I just followed the instructions on here and it was displayed.
    Somepne suggested that it could be that because I have the tech pack that I can see the number. But I am not sure about that. It should make that difference

    Steve B

  181. Hi I just bought Audi Q7 last week. i am still going through the functions. how do i inknow if its MMI 2 or 3 G?

    do i need any wire to do any of the above? my comments it look simple but by article it seems complex.

    any help please

  182. This looks like the place to be. I just generated my code. I have not tried it yet. I need to buy or borrow the VAG-COM/VCDS sw and cable from somewhere. I also am still not sure if I have a 2G or 3G. can anyone tell me. Navi Model # 4F0035082A, on a 2010 Q7.

    Now for my real question: what I really am looking for is how to get euro maps to work. I am in Germany and car is US specs.

  183. Audi A6 2.7 tdi 163ch year 2007 MMI 2g Hi
    Thanks it works i can see the TV now i folow the process and everithing is perfect…

  184. I have a 2012 vw touareg tdi. Will this work in my car too??please let me know ASAP! I’m going to dealership this morning and they can fix it for me

  185. Hi Angel

    I doubt very much that your dealer would make this change for you. It is something that could be classed as illegal or at best something tgAt a dealer should not be doing.

    So you would need to fInd someone other than a VW dealer to do this for you.

    Steve B

  186. Hi

    You need TI find someone local to you with a VCDS cable.

    They should be able to make the changes for you.

    You may have to google “VCDS” in your area.

    Steve B

  187. I have a Q7 2011 AUDI.
    I did everything for 3G , generate the 2 possible codes,and it accepted them,but it did not work. it stop at the final process and marked as an error..
    what can I do to deactivate the in motion thing?

  188. Worked great on my 2012 Q7. Used a ross-tech USB interface and the first code that was generated. The “are you sure” message got me nervous. My wife would have killed me if the NAV was messed up as the dealer is closed for the weekend ;)

  189. Well, I’m not pretty sure!! One guy in the Audi dealer did it for me,
    and he told me that he used both codes and neither one worked.
    But I think, I’l buy the Vag.com interface and try it myself.
    He got scare if the interface asked something like” are you sure?
    or something like that.
    Did you used the code generator from this trick77 to generate your code?

  190. to comend and ask for help? please tel where your from. I cant see it on the internet. iam from holland so when you com from the nederlands you can ask me?

  191. It works perfectly on A1 MY 2012 with MMI Plus, no way on MY2011 and MY 2012 with Concert Radio OR Concerto plus Nav

  192. the code worked on my 2010 audi b8! cant wait to test it out!! now only if somebody could unlock the sd card to play movies!!

  193. The code generator worked great on the 2013 RS5 (U.S. version). Since there is no “Setup” button on these cars, must use the “Menu” button instead with the other two buttons to “reset”.

  194. Hi, my Audi Q5 2009 (Korean) has quite a different serial.
    It starts with “K”… K5FAN181A32V9
    and your generator replies 0VA93, which was not accepted.
    Please help…

  195. Thanks! Worked perfectly on my MY11 Touareg RNS850. Finding the head unit serial was not very clear in the instructions. For those having trouble trying into figure that out you retrieve the serial number with the VAG-COM/VCDS on the following page [5F – Information Electr]. Secondly for the VW 3G MMI restart hold down the five keys Phone/Climate/Nav/Traffic/Centre knob.

  196. This method worked perfectly with the VAG-COM cable on my 2012 A7 Prestige. Also as stated previously, must use the “Menu” button instead with the center and upper right to “reset” the MMI.

  197. Ed at Quattro Motorsport

    Q3 2012 Australian version with MM1 G3+
    code generator worked.

    TO REBOOT Need to press the
    Big knob, TONE and top right soft key together.

    VCDS reading, B5, B6, mk4, custom re mapping.
    Franken turbo, big turbo, stage 1 stage 3.

    Hornsby, Sydney, Australia.

  198. Worked great on a US A7. I’m curious – how do you generate the security code, would like to do this for other modules…

  199. Jan thanks for the intel you’ve provided on this site! I’ve been using it for years, and has worked flawlessly.

    As a suggestion, I’d ask that you add to the “enable VIM on Audi MMI” page, for resetting the MMI on newer models with the touchpad system. It simply changes from using the SETUP button to the MENU button, the other two buttons remain the same. I’ve run into this on 2012 A6, A7, and A8’s recently….

  200. Au top!
    Le générateur VIM-login code fonctionne à merveille ; ça m’a pris 2 minutes avec mon VCDS, et je peux désormais (enfin pas moi, mes passsgers!) regarder DVD et Tuner TV en roulant (à n’importe quelle vitesse).

    Merci encore!

  201. @Audi
    Desolé, mais tu dois vraiment mal t’y prendre car je l’ai fait sur 3 véhicules différents et les 3 codes VIM fonctionnent!

  202. Worked perfect on my USA 2013 S5. Just note what others have said about the 3G MMI not having a “setup” button, so for the reset, you need to use the “Menu” button instead with the other two buttons to “reset”.

  203. Another satisfied user. Worked as described – on my USA 2013 A6 Prestige. As others have said, the “Menu” button is used wherever the “Setup” button is called for in the directions.

  204. Worked perfect. Was done in 5 minutes.
    Audi Q3 mid 2012 build for Germany.
    To do the reset at the end it needed the TONE,CENTER and TOP RIGHT buttons.
    Thanks a lot to the person who provided this info and passcode generator.

  205. please can you help me for the number serial i have get 5F AND 1A ID
    where the number serial?
    in audi a1 2011 french serie
    sorry for my english

  206. ITS FLASH TOOL CODE 8928399501936?
    OR EQUIPMENT PRCODE 0000004C70B42010?