Battery status capacity bar in MMI 3G

Did you know you can enable a battery capacity bar in your MMI 3G?

Battery gauge


  1. Press CAR + SETUP for 6 seconds to enter the hidden developer menu
  2. Select “car”
  3. Select “cardevextdevicelist”
  4. Check the “Battery” checkbox
  5. Press return key
  6. Select “carmenuoperation”
  7. Set the battery value to 5
  8. Press return key
  9. Press CAR key (exit hidden menu)
  10. Restart the MMI: Press and hold down the function keys 1 (Setup), the control button 2 and the control key at the top right 3 simultaneously until the MMI system shuts down. Release keys -> MMI system reboots.audi_mmi
  11. You’ll find a new “Battery” entry in your CAR menu

Some more screenshots:

car menu extdev carmenu

The hidden menu needs to be unlocked first with VAG-COM/VCDS or VAS 505x. See here for instructions.

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  1. Hy ! I just got a Audi A4 b8 (8k) 2013 facelift sedan 2.0 tdi 136 hp, with MMI 3 G basic and managed to acces the hidden menu and so the other functions to be able to activate. and while i was looking arround and changed some values i wonder what each value ( e.g. 0, 5, 7, 9 etc ) from that sliding bar modification inside green menu ( for battery level e.g. it is setted to value of 5. what if it is to 7 or 9 or .. any other. ) . Does someone knows how those values can be managed and what represent each one, so you need exactly what are you doing when change something !!

    Thank you and hope you understant my ideea !

    Regards !
    Marius !

  2. I had enabled it many time ago, but I never see it work well. Probably the value 5 works for many models, but mine is an RS5 that seconds after started with the Audi Service Jump Starter tell me that it was full. About in 10 or 15 minutes before the first start, the battery has power to start again alone 8-)

    What value do you recommend me? I can make some test with the multimeter.


  3. I forgot to say that I have a RNS 830 installed on a Touareg and the return kay is not defined.

  4. Hi,
    Thanks for interesting Infos regarding battery monitor.
    I have done all the steps you described, but MMI never shuts down while keeping the three buttons pressed even for ca 1minute. It shuts down only after releasing those buttons, anyway – I can’t still see the battery monitor after that.
    Any ideas? I have A6 Allroad 4G 2012
    Rgds Greg

  5. hello

    I have problem with my Audi A5 ,a sound of my radio don’t work!!

    I have this message (protection of composants ).

    can you help me please !!!

  6. I tried this, but the battery indicator menu item is disabled (grayed out). Any suggestions?

  7. Hi,

    Thanks for the informative guide. I have added the battery gauge, and it’s great.

    I also noted another useful function….

    You can add an MP3 Ripper to the Media Player. It converts any normal audio CD to MP3, and copies to the HDD. It titles the CDs and Tracks also, and it’s done all 4 that I have ripped so far (and they weren’t CD texted, so it must have a database).

    It’s under

    Import Multimedia

    It was factory set at [copy/no ripping] 3/4

    I set it to [copy/ripping] 4/4

    My car is a late 2009 A6 with MMI High 3G (tamper with your car at your own risk!).

    You just then put an audio CD in the DVD drive, and select import. It will then pop up as a source.

    Happy Days!

  8. Well, I do have a sunroof. I like the convertible idea but don’t think that’s happening! Anyway, any other ideas as to what this feature does?


  9. Maik, you don’t have to set it to 5. This just indicates the relative position in the MMI menu. I thought 5 was nice :)

    phxflybox: If you don’t have a sliding roof it will – obviously – do nothing. In certain cases your car may transform into a convertible but that is just a rumour.

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