How to connect the Line 6 PODxt to GarageBand

I have a Line 6 PODxt guitar rig sitting on my music rack for years. I’ve had some very limited success connecting it to GarageBand when Mac OS X 10.5 was first released. Sometimes it worked but most of the time it wouldn’t record a thing in GarageBand. As this got a bit frustrating I just continued to use the PODxt on its own which always works fine.

line 6 podxt

Today, I tried again with Mac OS X 10.5.5 and the latest Line 6 driver and it worked right away!

Here’s what I did:

  1. Downloaded the latest PODxt driver from Line 6. I had to restart the Mac after installing the driver.
  2. Downloaded the latest Line 6 Monkey and made sure I’m using the latest components.
    line 6 monkey
  3. Made sure the processed guitar signal is being routed to GarageBand. This setting can be found in -> System Preferences -> Other -> Line 6 Audio-Midi-Devices.
    processing audio-setup 
  4. Opened GarageBand and set the default audio input to the PODxt.
    garageband settings
  5. Made sure the Channel Volume on the PODxt is set high enough. I’m using 8 at the moment. You may have to adjust the output volume too if you’re using headphones.
  6. Created a new audio track (Apple call it “Real Instrument Track”) and the green VE meter LED bars started to flash as soon as I pulled a string. Yeeeeahhh! LET’S ROCK!

If you still have any weird latency issues try to directly plug the PODxt into one of your Mac’s USB ports. Do not use an USB hub for the PODxt. It can make a difference.

By the way, does anyone know what song this is?

Download: The Unknown Song

The first part is the main guitar riff in the refrain and the second part actually is the sung refrain in the real song. It’s not “Hey Joe” from Jimi Hendrix. It has to be some alternative rock band from the late 90’s. Be aware: I suck at playing guitar and this is as good as it gets :-)

4 replies on “How to connect the Line 6 PODxt to GarageBand”

  1. Thanks a lot for the tips. The Garageband setup was much easier than the cakewalk installation I did a few years back.

  2. Alberto, I’m using USB. Midi/Audio will be provided over USB to the Mac.


  3. Hello,

    I have a question on your useful tutorial, how do you connect the pod xt to the mac? I mean, do you use the line in input, th eUSB plug or any othe midi connection…?

    Thanks a lot!


  4. Good page.Managed to get my pod xt up and running in garageband now thanks.Have it plugged directly into my mac(Latest macbookpro upgraded) but can still detect a slight latency.Is there anything else I can do to combat this problem and is there any latest technology/downloads that may help.

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