How to install cccam, mgcamd softcams in Gemini Project GP3 (Dreambox)

I just updated my Dreambox DM800 cable/sat tuner to Gemini Project 3 (GP3). There’s a detailed installation how-to available on how to install GP3 on the more recent Dreambox models, which include the DM500 HD, DM800 (HD/SE), DM7025 and the DM8000. GP3 is a major step forward because you don’t need to flash the Dreambox every time a new GP version is published. GP3 is independent from the DMM base image (well, with some limitations regarding the kernel version) and can be updated in the “Blue Panel”. To start, you’re best off if you flash an original Dream Multimedia image. Don’t forget to backup your channel lists and bouquets.

After installing GP3 you’ll probably notice that no software CA modules (a.k.a. softcams) are available in Blue Panel. Obviously, all softcams have been banned from the project’s official package repository. I need cccam in order to use the Conax decryption smart card provided by my TV cable provider (this is all legit btw.). Fortunately, some folks over at are providing an online softcam repository feed that plugs in nicely into Blue Panel (see Addons menu).

Check out this forum post (registration needed!).

Once the feed is installed (don’t forget to reboot) you can upgrade the Addons menu in Blue Panel and two new package repositories will show up which allow you to install any of the softcams listed. The softcams provided include recent versions of cccam, mgcamd, opencam, oscam, hypercam, scam and others. There’s a second repository that provides configuration settings for most softcams.

And on a side note: have you ever had a look at TV Browser? TV Browser not only is an insanely great program guide (EPG), it also lets you manage favorites, search for program repetitions and remotely program timers on your Dreambox. It runs on Mac OS X, Linux and Windows. TV Browser is free (donations are welcome).

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  1. Installed original image DM8000HD, gp3 (2.0), plugins etc.
    Installed mgCamd3 + config, paste into newcamd.list cws lines, hard restart – NOT WORKING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why?

    All installations and downloads done by instruction above.

  2. please i have dream box dm500s please .how will install the cccam in it ok

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