How to use the Holux M-241 on the Mac over Bluetooth

Today, my Holux M-241 GPS Logger was giving me a hard time. I wanted to connect it to my Macintosh over Bluetooth and the BT747 Java application for the first time. There’s some fragmented information on the Internet about how it can be done but I was unable to find a useful guide.

So, here’s a complete tutorial on how to set up the Holux M-241 GPS Logger on a Leopard Mac (English OS) using Bluetooth and the latest BT747 Java application. You don’t need to install any drivers for this!

Added 2008-7-12: There’s a new how-to for the latest BT747 version here! The information below is outdated!

  1. Download BT747 (I was using but the version number may change over time).
  2. It will be automatically extracted to a folder named BT747_1 or something similar. Drop the BT747_1 folder to your Applications folder. Rename the BT747_1 folder to GPS instead of BT747_1. The full path now is /Applications/GPS.
  3. Turn the M-241 on and use the Bluetooth wizard on the Mac to set the device up. Use the specific passkey 0000 (four zeroes) under passkey options. Once the wizard finishes, the M-241 will show up as paired but not connected. There will be no Bluetooth icon in the M-241 as for now because the serial port hasn’t been opened yet. If it’s set up correctly there’s an entry called tty.HOLUX_M-241-SPPSlave-1 in the /dev directory of your Mac. Open a shell (Terminal) an try to run the command
    cat /dev/tty.HOLUX_M-241-SPPSlave-1

    and the Bluetooth icon on the the M-241 should appear almost immediately. Wait another 30 seconds and the last position information should be dumped in the shell. Press CTRL-C to abort. If it says “No such file or directory” the device may have not been set up correctly on your Mac.
  4. Open the GPS folder and edit the bt747_macosX.command script with TextEdit. Not needed if you download the modified script (see below). In this case, replace the script in the /Applications/GPS folder with the downloaded version!
    1. Uncomment (=remove the #) the line that starts with cd /App.. so it looks like this:
      cd /Applications/GPS
    2. Go to the line that starts with CLASSPATH and insert dist/ in front of /BT747_rxtx.jar so the line looks like this:
    3. Go to the last line and change it so it looks like this:
      java -Djava.library.path=${ROOT_DIR}/rxtx/Mac_OS_X -Dbt747_port="/dev/tty.HOLUX_M-241-SPPSlave-1" waba.applet.Applet /w 400 /h 400 /scale 1 /bpp 8 BT747
  5. In the GPS folder, rename the directory starting with rxtx-… to rxtx. In my case the directory was called rxtx-2.1-7-bins-r2. Simply rename it to rxtx
  6. Go back to the shell you opened in step 3. Enter the command
    sudo mkdir /var/lock && sudo chmod 777 /var/lock
    You will be asked for your root password. If you forget this step you will get PortInUse exceptions because the program is unable to create a semaphore file to lock your serial Bluetooth port.
  7. Run-click the bt747_macosX.command in your GPS folder.
  8. Press the button named BLUETOOTH in the BT747 application and after a few seconds there should be some information displayed about the connected device in the BT747 connection (“Con”) tab.
  9. Click on the file tab and modify the output directory to /Applications/GPS and press “Apply&Set the above values”.
  10. Change to the log tab and test if you can download the track log file. Press the “Get Log” button to do this. The track log will be downloaded to your GPS folder.
  11. That’s it!

If you don’t like script editing, download the bt747_macosX.command script in the download section of this website. You can omit step 4 in this case. The script was tested with BT747 1.46.

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  1. I am a little irritated…
    the last last message is from 2008
    today is may 2014
    it also refers to
    bt747 1.48.
    Just went to the website for download
    and to this date we are already with version 2.1.1
    Do I still need to do all the above mentioned dilema in order to make my Holux M-241 to work on a Mac??
    I bought the Logger believing that it would just connect to the computer and that I would be able to download the tracks from any PC or Mac without to much hazzle… Do not want to travel and heaving to take with me a Laptop of my own with the device being able to connect… Just wanted an easy to use and connect logger. To sad HOLUX depends on thirds parties software to make it work.
    apreciate any comments



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  3. Unfortunately this procedure no longer works using bt747 1.48. Any help with the new one will be greatly appreciated. I did use this procedure with success with 1.46 though.


  4. Thanks, a great manual…so I don’t have to use the terrible Windows in an Virtual machine…and it works better and faster :-)

  5. I cannot find the button named BLUETOOTH in the BT747 application.Is that BT747 application a folder in the (renamed) GPS folder?

  6. Awesome – thanks a lot.
    This drove me crazy until I found this post. With that it was a matter of minutes to get it up and running.
    So thanks again.

  7. thanks for a idea!

    i lookin for a new gps device such a logger and 241 real one for me
    i use oziexplorer 3 95 4m on mac os leo via darwine
    koz mac gps pro less functionality for me
    dont accept ECW files (it come after i glued together it from googleearth sat maps for offline conditions)
    and many more

    what kind оf gps soft you use?

    is your way to connect device gave a com port for x11 virtual pc?

    can that logger give nmea data for real time navigation (moving map)?

    alex ukraine kiev
    (sorry for my english)

  8. awesome tutorial – super easy (at least for a software guy) – got my holux up and running in like 6 minutes


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