iOS 4.1 beta shows performance improvements for iPhone 3G

Ever since upgrading to iOS 4.0 my iPhone 3G performed like a piece of crap. I’ve seen that Apple published an iOS 4.1 beta on its iPhone developer network website and I was willing to give it a try to see if there are any performance improvements. To make it short: yes, there are. While it’s not as good as with v3.x the phone is a lot more responsive than with v4.0 or v4.0.1, without having to turn off Spotlight indexing! Let’s hope these changes make it to the 4.1 GM.

To activate iOS 4.1 beta your iPhone’s UDID needs to be registered with an Apple iPhone SDK account ($99 a year). As every account comes with 100 UDID slots for iDevices you just need to find a developer who adds your iPhone’s UDID to the beta SDK list. Some do it for free, some charge a couple of bucks to do it. I may have one or two UDID slots left in my dev account so you may want to leave a comment if you want to have your iPhone registered (please provide the UDID for the iPhone- but don’t ask me where to look it up). You also have to find the beta firmware on your own (Torrent sites may be a good place to start). Sorry, I don’t have any more UDID slots to give.

Btw. initally I tried to install iOS 4.1 beta on my iPhone 3G without a registered UDID. I used redsn0w 0.9.5b5-5, iOS 4.0, iOS 4.1 beta and iPhoneExplorer to remove the beta-tag in SystemVersion.plist. While I was able to activate my iPhone 3G that way I lost 3G/WiFi network connectivity. The problem seemed to be related to DNS. Making/taking calls, SMS worked perfectly though. This way of activating a phone most likely requires a new redsn0w version in order to work properly.

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  1. 4.1 beta 3 has been replaced by 4.1 GM. You’ll find it on many sites using the search term 8B117. Usually, a GM doesn’t even need UDID activation.


  2. Well, seems the iOS 4.1 beta 3 is nowhere to be found if you’re not a developper. Beta 2 expired three weeks ago. No you have the choice between going back to 4.0.2, and a iOS device impossible to sync, since 4.1 beta saves are not retro-compatible.

    Fortunately, 4.1 stable should be out really soon.

  3. Jan its 01 181000 993252 5 PLEASE dont this for me… 4.0.2 ios just block…HELP PLEASE :(

  4. hey jan i was hoping may you would still be up to activate my UDID on your account.. what do you think?

  5. I’d love to try the beta and see the improvements for my iphone!

    My UDID is:

    Pretty please?

  6. Hi,
    I’d love to test the IOS beta, hope that my UDID gets registered.

    here it is:

    Thanks in advance,

  7. If you have any slots I’d love my UDID to be registered. Hopefully my 3G’s performance improves.


  8. So far so good with iOS 4.1 beta on 2nd gen. iPod Touch. Not as fast as it used to be with 3.1.3, but I do appreciate the small touches Apple put on their OS, especially in the Notes. Mail is still sluggish to navigates at times, but I have six different mailboxes.

    Now it doesn’t seem to randomly lose wifi anymore, or drain the battery while sitting doing nothing.

    Nobody in the Game Center, but since it’s a network-dependant service, it may not be ready yet.

    Weird bug however: the volume doesn’t seem to descend near the minimum. Does anyone else has this bug?

  9. Hello Jan,
    would you release my 3g from driving me nuts, too?

    here’s the UDID: [deleted]


  10. Hallo, would be really great if you can add my UDID too. Hope the Upgrade to 4.1 will fix my wifi problem. Her is my UDID: [deleted].
    Thank you very much in advance! regards, Stefan.

  11. Hey, can you add my udid plz,i want wo use my ipod with winterboard usw. thats my UDID [deleted]

    Thanks in advance

  12. Hi!

    You still got any slots left? My UDID is [deleted].

    // Thanks in advance

  13. Hey, i hope you can add my UDID. i dont want to use my slow iphone anymore. thats my UDID [deleted]. thx.

  14. Well, thanks, now I have to wait ages to get this damned iPod Touch 2G firmware :(

    I know I know, this is not the issue :(

  15. Hey, i installed the beta only to find out I need UDID. can you add mine:
    [UDID deleted]

  16. Hello Jan,

    if you have one more left, I would be happy to try it. Just can’t stand to have basically an unusable device!

    UDID: [deleted] (That’s an iPod Touch, btw)

  17. Thank you, Jan !
    I’ve just installed iOS 4.1 beta 2 on my iPhone 3G and I must say: this works great… My iPhone is almost on the same speed as “iOS 3”: no input-lag while typing anymore!

  18. If you want to access the SDK beta dev site you need a $99 iPhone dev account. What the registered UDID does is to automatically activate your iPhone once a beta dev-only firmware is installed. I can’t tell you where to get the software though. Maybe you should re-read my post :)


  19. Thank you very much for adding me! I still cant get it to work though, if I click on the iOS SDK beta on my log-in on it says that i’m not enrolled and that I need to be in order to download the 4.1. What do I have to do to make it work?

  20. Whoops, sorry, for some reason i missed a letter. Here it is!
    [UDID deleted]

  21. Hi.
    I’d be very happy if you added me aswell. I’m getting of my very slow 3G

    My UDID is [deleted]

  22. Hey man, great post and truly hoping it works. My 3G SUX on 4.0. Downgraded to 3.1.3 but now some of my apps require 4 to work so I’m kinda stuck. If you got another slot, would love to opportunity to try 4.1.


  23. Hey! If you have any slots left, can you please add my UDID?



  24. Sorry for the double-post, but to clarify, the colon is of course NOT part of the UDID.

    UDID: [deleted]

    Once again, cheers

  25. Hey there, I would also love to try out the new beta on my 3G. Could you add my UDID as well? [deleted]


  26. Hi, like Bart I’d loved to try out the beta on my 3g also. Could you please add my UDID: [deleted]

  27. Hi, thanks for the article. I really hope 3.1 will fix the issues on my iphone 3G. In the meantime I would want try the beta. Can you add my UDID: [deleted] ?
    Thanks you!


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