iPhone 2G 2.0 update from 1.1.4 with IPSF – it works!

2G iPhones previously unlocked with IPSF (iPhoneSimFree) still work after patching them with the new PwnageTool 2.0 from iPhone-dev team. I successfully updated my 1.1.4 IPSF iPhone with the original 3.9 bootloader to the new 2.0 firmware without any problems. I was using ZiPhone to update to 1.1.4 but that didn’t seem to be a problem. Signal.app is not needed as PwnageTool unlocks the baseband with BootNeuter 2.0 anyway, at least if you use all the default settings in PwnageTool’s simple mode. Your iPhone’s baseband will be upgraded to 04.05.04_G in the process. Thanks to everyone involved for making this happen! Yee-haw!

By the way: I choose to setup the iPhone as a new iPhone instead of restoring a backup the first time I connected it to iTunes after updating.

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8 replies on “iPhone 2G 2.0 update from 1.1.4 with IPSF – it works!”

  1. Hiya… i got unlocked and jailbreaked iphone by ziphone. i tryed to upgrade first wiv another programs like this. and oh yea i f*cked my iphone once and dont want twice please show more prove about this way is work really. thanks for sharing <3

  2. Hello! My iPhone was previously unlocked with Ziphone, however I am not sure if it was done with IPSF or if using the above fix will cause my phone to become inoperable. I’ve been avoiding updating to 2.0 for this reason and any help on performing a safe upgrade would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  3. Dear Friends I have an 2g Iphone unclocked with iliberty. i would like to update to de new firmaware.. Can I simply updated without restoring? Do i need to unlook in WinPwn? anybody can tell me where can i find a tutorial for this..

  4. how did you get the visual voicemail working? I called Swisscom, they have reset my combox, I recovered the phone with firmware 2.0 and pwnage 2.0. At the moment i get the screen that asks me to setup the password and message for the voicmail settings. however, looks like it doesn’t work as it cannot save the settings.

  5. It will work because the IPSF unlock and bootneuter unlock can co-exist. :D

  6. Even Visual Voicemail works now with my carrier Swisscom. This is too cool!

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