iTunes movies coming to Switzerland, finally

Some smart folks over at found out that the Swiss iTunes store is being populated with movie titles for the first time. I fired up my Apple TV 2 to see if it sees the movies in the Swiss iTunes store as well but as of now, they don’t show up yet (see screenshot below). In iTunes, the non-HD rentals have a price tag of CHF 3.50 and HD-rentals will be streamed to you for CHF 4.50. TV shows don’t seem to be available at all.

Here’s a screenshot of the main menu of Apple TV 2 with the Swiss iTunes store enabled:

And here’s a screenshot with Apple TV 2 logged into an U.S. account:

Btw. changing the language to German didn’t make any difference.

It’s unknown when Apple will officially announce the availability of movies in the Swiss iTunes store. Most likely, the announcement will be paired with the availability of Apple TV 2 in Switzerland. Interestingly, Switzerland wasn’t even part of the list of countries that will get Apple TV 2 in 2011. That list was presented by Steve Jobs during his September keynote. Maybe things have changed?