iTunes: The required file cannot be found

Lately, I always get an error message when I try to sync my iPhone in iTunes. The message simply says “The iPhone cannot by synced. The required file cannot be found.”

Unfortunately, iTunes doesn’t say exactly what file is missing. While playing with the sync options in iTunes I found out, that the problem is related to Apple Aperture 3 in my case. If you’re using iPhoto instead of Apple Aperture, you may find a solution in thisĀ Apple support note. If you’re getting this error message in iTunes and you’re syncing your Aperture 3 library (or parts of it) to your iPhone, I may have a solution for you.

  1. Make sure Aperture, iTunes and iPhoto are closed. Use cmd-Q to terminate them if they’re still open.
  2. Open Finder
  3. Navigate to your Home -> Pictures folder
  4. Right-click the “Aperture Library.aplibrary” folder and select “Show Package Contents”
  5. You should see a folder named “iPod Photo Cache”
  6. Delete this folder
  7. Start iTunes
  8. Re-enable photo synchronisation in the photo sync tab
  9. Click “Sync Photos” in the dialog that pops up
  10. Choose Aperture to sync sync photos from
  11. iTunes will say that your iPhone is synced to another photo library. Click yes to overwrite the old settings in iPhone.
  12. That’s it! Your iPhone should be syncing without errors now!

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  1. Thank you so much for your help, I’m glad you took the time to post this note and help people like me. May you have a nice day. Thank you again.

  2. You cant delete the iPhoto Cache folder but you need to delete the contents of the folder, also make sure that iPhoto is closed, Force quit if necessary to be sure…

  3. i did all above,deleted iphoto cache, m havin problems with iphoto and it says :- you do not have enough access privileges for this operation

  4. Thanks heaps,

    My Problem was with iPhoto and I used the exact same process you suggested and cleared the iphoto cache and it worked perfectly…

    thanks again!

  5. Thank you very much for providing the solution to my problem.

    Since the problem arose a few days ago, I have tried all sorts of solutions which refused to work. It is great when someone takes the time and effort to
    solve the problems of others such as myself. I really appreciate it.


  6. You are a life saver!!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!! Saved me a bunch of headaches.

  7. Thanks – worked perfectly on my iPhoto system. I had accidentally interrupted my sync this morning and was getting this error message. Fixed!

  8. Worked like a charm. Instead of the Aperture cache folder, I deleted the iPhoto one and no more error message! Thanks.

  9. OMG!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!

    I have deleted the cashe file previously from various areas… just not the ‘pictures’ file… lol everywhere else tho’

    Anyway… thank you… that finally worked!


  10. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I’ve been reading blogs/instruction all day, and yours is the only one that was able to help! Silly me kept forgetting to close down the apps before deleting the cache… didn’t realise until I was following your step-by-step. Brilliant.

  11. Thank you so much, I’ve been struggling with that error for months and in a few minutes it’s been resolved, your instructions were really clear and concise – thank you

  12. Vishal: put your finger on your forehead and say “genius”, because that’s what you are! I’ve had that problem for months and now I don’t.. thanks

  13. HOLY CRAP!!!! Had I only found this 5 HOURS AGO WHEN I FIRST STARTED WORKING ON THIS PROBLEM. I even thought it was the iphone and drove 3 hours round trip today to have it replaced. It worked like a charm. Followed the same instructions but for iPhoto and no problems what so ever. YOU FREAKING ROCK!!!! THank you so much!!!

  14. Thank you so much! I couldn’t find any answers on apple support sites. Thank you for providing the solution!!!

  15. Thank Q x 1000000000000!!!

    I been fighting for the better half of day.

    Thank God I stumble upon your site

    Cheers! :)

  16. Thank you thank you thank you! I have been fighting this for weeks. This worked perfectly!

  17. thank you very much. This issue bothered me a lot and you finally helped me out of it!!

  18. thanks,,,,
    finally I found the solution ,,
    appreciate your help bro

  19. your a saint thankyou so much this has been anoying the arse out me for weeks

  20. This didn’t work for me. “Selected projects” is still greyed out if I try to sync photos in iTunes with Aperture 3 to my iPhone4.

  21. Thanks….

    Had the same problem just changed the syc photos from and it worked….before that moved all pictures in other folder…

  22. Thank you so much! I was getting so pissed off! Especially since you have to pay apple for support, what bull shit! Nice to know someone out there is just willing to help.

  23. Re MMItunes. I don’t have the MMI 3G with SD card, but I do have the 2G with Ipod connector. Any chance of using MMItunes to convert tracks from Itunes on my IMac into playlist(s) on the Ipod (perhaps in disk mode) so that the Ipod can be accessed via the Audi MMI?

    I have downloaded and tried MMItunes but it does not recognise my Mac as a Volume. So I guess it’s not designed to.

    BTW (i) does the Ipod have to be formatted as FAT32? (ii) can you build playlists from AAC or only MP3 (or MP3 / M4A)?



  24. I don’t have Apple Aperture 3, but deleting iph photo cache fixed this error msg for me & allowed my to complete the sync process, finally. I’ve been dealing with this issue for some time. How you figured it out is a mystery, but thanks!

  25. my iphone was broke so i went and got a new iphone 4 at apple which they gave me for free!! So im very happy with their customer service… But anyways i deleted ipod cache and still getting the error message any other advice?

  26. i was always have this problem time by time
    and when it’s happens i format my mac and reinstall it
    but now everything goes right !!
    thank you very very very very very much and i wish that i can serve you in anything you want

  27. Jan 2 2011
    Thank you sooo much, I almost had to restore everything and purchase bits again but thanks to you guys I am at one with my iphone

  28. Great directions. I am now a hero for an 82-year-old family friend who could not get his iPad to sync. I finally sent him a link to this page and he eventually called me and said that the directions had worked and his problem was solved.

  29. Thank you for your post on this issue, just to let anyone else know that it works for the iPad also.

  30. Thanks a lot. It worked perfectly!!! Aperture 3 was the issue. I followed the instructions and this is now fixed.

  31. Thanks a lot !
    I’ve been crawling the Apple support forum without any success.

  32. Wow….looked everywhere to resolve this issue and found your site. Your instructions did the trick. Thanks so much!

  33. This seems to work. Thanks a lot for the help! You saved me a lot of trouble

  34. I encountered exactly the same problem since yesterday and have tried many solutions (from Apple Support for most of them) unsuccessfully.
    Thank you very much for this ‘simple’ fix. Everything works great now.
    I will keep your site in my bookmarks ;-)

  35. I was also having that same problem. I thought when I went to an iPhone 4 the problem would be fix. Well it was still their. I did some looking on the web and I found your instructions. Well it worked!! Thanks you so very much.

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