iTunes won’t start, shows error 13010

Today, my Mac crashed with a kernel panic. After rebooting I tried to start iTunes but it just showed this error message:
iTunes application could not be opened. An unknown error occurred (13010).

I remembered that I was in the process of updating the iTunes Genius database when the kernel panic occurred. I was able to start iTunes again after deleting the iTunes Library Genius.itdb file. You’ll find the Genius database file in the direcory $HOME/Music/iTunes.

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  1. I deleted the file but itunes is still giving me the same message and i have a mac

  2. click the flag button on the bottom left hand side of your windows computer and go into “my computer” or “computer.” Next, go into your computers hard drive (C:) and find your music file. then go into itunes and delete the file “itunes library genius.” THEN YOUR DONE!!!

    -Evan Lynch,

    response to Tay, December 6, 2010

  3. Thank you so much! I S**t myself because it was in mid download and thought i’d loose the music that i’d just purchased. Deleting the Genius.itdb worked and i have my music back! And dont worry if you think it’ll delete your Genius function, it recreates the file when iTunes reopens!

  4. If you are using WindowsXP, this should work. First, locate a file on your desktop called: My Documents, then open it. Next you should see another file called: My music. Inside there should be a file called: iTunes,then open it. Then you should see a file called: iTunes Library Genius.itbd . Take the file and drag it into the Recycling bin and then empty it. iTunes should open, because error 13010 is a problem with your Library Genius;but has been an issue with iTunes 9,so this would be a good thing to know. I hope this helped!

    1. Hi there.
      I get this same error 13010 and tried removing the genus file as mentioned above. It does not solve the problem for me – but maybe it is because I have a macbook Pro 10.9.5. Does anybody know what to to do?

      All the best from Denmark Jørgen

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