Jailbreak/Activate IPSF 1.1.3 iPhone with 04.03.13_G

The 1.1.3 soft-upgrade is called a soft-upgrade because it won’t update your baseband firmware to the 1.1.3 software level (04.03.13_G). This was necessary because as of today there’s no anySIM hack for the new baseband.

Added 2008-2-23: You don’t need Singal.app if you run anySIM 1.1.3 on your IPSF iPhone. I just tested it today and it works!

Added 2008-2-29: Looking for 1.1.4? See here!  

If you own an iPhoneSimFree’ed (IPSF) 1.1.2 iPhone (or 1.1.1) with the 3.9 bootloader you’re able to fully upgrade to 1.1.3 including baseband! Why would you want the new baseband if you could run 1.1.3 with the older baseband firmware? I don’t really have an answer to that. I just wanted to make sure the software and the baseband firmware in my iPhone are on the same level as intended by Apple’s software engineers.

I just did it today and everything still works great including Mail, Edge and the new Google Maps “locate me” feature. I followed these steps posted on Hackint0sh. This is a combination of a hard-upgrade (to 1.1.3), downgrade (to 1.1.1, excluding baseband) and soft-upgrade (again to 1.1.3). Sounds difficult? Actually it isn’t but it really helps if you already have some iPhone hacking experience. In case the thread doesn’t exist anymore (IPSF-related threads sometimes tend to disappear there), here’s a screenshot of slimnickyy’s post:

Steps to upgrade to 1.1.3 (including baseband)

I have a few additions to slimnickyy’s guide which may be obvious to some but nonetheless helpful to others.

  1. Make sure everything including Mail-settings and Edge-Settings are configured correctly and backup (sync) your current iPhone settings with iTunes before you start!
  2. You really need an IPSF unlocked phone with a v3.9 bootloader if you want to use the new 1.1.3 baseband.
  3. Use iTunes 7.6
  4. After the initial update to 1.1.3 iTunes reported an error and offered to restore to 1.1.3 instead. I chose to restore to 1.1.3.
  5. If you don’t have the iPhone 1.1.1 software/firmware download it here. You’ll need the 1.1.3 version later on, so download it here.
  6. Download information about Nate True’s 1.1.3 soft-upgrade can be found here (PC) or here if you’re a Mac.
  7. To restore to an earlier version you have to put your iPhone in recovery mode. iTunes won’t show the restore option unless your iPhone is in recovery mode.
  8. For some reason I was unable to quit my iPhone from entering DFU/recovery mode after restoring to 1.1.1. I used iPhuc to exit recovery mode but after soft-upgrading to 1.1.3 it still entered recovery mode after restarting. Eventually iBrickr did the job on my 1.1.3 iPhone (independence doesn’t support 1.1.3 yet). Probably the best thing to do is to make sure the iPhone doesn’t enter recovery mode while on 1.1.1 (using independence or iBrickr).
  9. If you don’t see the soft-upgrade option in Installer: Make sure you have the “Community Sources” package installed, and hit “Refresh” in the Sources tab. It should show up under “All packages”.
  10. I had to reinstall BSD and openSSH in 1.1.3 even though I already installed them after downgrading to 1.1.1.
  11. Put the Signal.app in your iPhone’s /Application directory (Signal.app is a directory too). Make sure signal.sh and igsm have executable rights (use your SFTP/SCP program or chmod u+x signal.sh && chmod u+x igsm). Signal.app can be found here. You have to restart your iPhone (or Springboard) in order to see the new app. You have to run Signal.app every time you boot your iPhone to get a signal because the 1.1.3 baseband adds some more checks to see if a valid carrier-SIM is inserted.
  12. After syncing your iPhone with iTunes everything including Edge-settings and mail-settings will be restored and will work if they worked before.

You should end up with a 1.1.3 iPhone with the latest, corresponding baseband version.

I use this combination with my carrier Swisscom (Switzerland) without the slightest problem. Everything works great! No need to patch files like in 1.1.2 to be able to access the SMS and Phone application for non-carrier countries.

Warning: At the moment this is not possible for iPhones with newer bootloaders (v4.6). All current OOTB iPhones use this new bootloader.

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  1. Hi there,
    im having problem restoring my otb iphone from 1.1.3 to either 1.1.2.or 1.1.1. after i SHIFT Click restore, the error is : “The iPhone “iPhone” could not be restored. An unknown error occurred (1).” the firmware version is 04.03.13_G. is there a way to solve this so that the iphone can be activated even no unlock yet available? thanks and hope to hear from you very soon.

  2. How do you know which bootloader version you have? I’m currently at 1.1.1 with IPSF.

  3. Hi,

    I tried both methods (DEV, NATE)
    Sounds problem solved after i used the dev softupdate and installed the ringtone fix from the installer.
    after nate there was no sound at all (keypad and ringtones)
    after DEV TEAM (sound was low, but the fix solved it)

    ALL WORKS NOW (i think :) )

  4. jawknee on January 27th, 2008:

    Sound can sometimes disappear when you do the emergency call > *3007*# trick (or whatever the combination is) to get into the phone – when you reject that call the phone thinks your still connected to a call and routes the sound to the earpiece, rather than the speaker. I don’t know if this is the cause in your case, but try making a call and see if that fixes it, or turn the phone off and on again.

  5. Hmmm…upgraded to 1.1.3 with the new baseband like described above… Installed Signal.app with the Terminal (via the scp command)…, chmodded signal.sh and igsm… But it doesn’t work… Signal keeps crashing on me…
    Help? Plz…

  6. hey
    just wondering if you encountered the no sound issue in your quest… i’ve got my signal back etc, but am a little worried that i cant hear anything.

  7. JH i read on the other forum, that you should reset your all your settings, and it will start to save password again. I didnt try it myself, but just a suggestion.

  8. -> “…No need to patch files like in 1.1.2 to be able to access the SMS and Phone application for non-carrier countries.”

    How can I change the APN / EDGE Settings when using various international Sim-Cards?

  9. Wow, nice instructions. I used them and everything worked. Thanks so much.

    I have an issue with the iPhone not saving passwords for wifi and email account. Any suggestions :-)


  10. that rocks man!! it’s a very complete guide! Can I bother you if I have some issue in the process? thanks!

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