Kindle Fire reboot loop problem – solved!

One day last week my Amazon Kindle Fire shut itself down because its battery was empty. I forgot about it for a few days but eventually I hooked it up to a USB charger and left it charging overnight. Next morning I found the Kindle Fire in a reboot loop. When connected to the USB charger, it would reboot itself every 5-10 seconds. When not connected to the USB charger it wouldn’t even turn on. It looked like the battery was so badly discharged that the Fire couldn’t even get to the point where it would start recharging the battery – even with the USB charger cable plugged in. I tried all suggestions I could find, including holding the power button for at least 20 seconds but the Fire still wouldn’t exit the reboot loop.

Sending it in for a replacement was no option since it displayed the yellow boot loader triangle for a few seconds while booting. A pretty obvious sign that this device had been rooted :-/

My plan B is to buy a so called factory cable on eBay in order to find out what’s going wrong with my Fire. Since it takes some time for the cable to arrive from Hongkong, I once again tried to get the Fire out of this cumbersome reboot loop. And guess what, this time it worked! Here’s what I did:

  1. Unplug the Kindle Fire from the USB charger cable
  2. Press and hold the power button (it should not turn on because the battery has run dry)
  3. While still holding the power button, plug the USB charger cable in (it should not turn on yet)
  4. Wait for at least 40 seconds while still holding the power button
  5. Once the kindle powers on, immediately let go of the power button and pray
In my case, the power light turned orange and the device started charging the battery. Problem solved!┬áMost likely, this only works if the battery is completely discharged and not if there’s some other problem with the software on the device.

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  1. Woot! Thank you so much! You stopped my daughter’s sobbing! Thank you!

    1. Mi e is Bobby I got a Kindle fire an when I turn it on it says Kindle fire an a light goes through it flashes Kindle Fire what are you doing

  2. Thanks–This fixed mine!! It kept rebooting itself and I thought it was trash. Glad I found your post:)

  3. great the power switch option worked .
    Thanks a heap. switch off charger. press on start button and restart charge. real good.

  4. I had the same problem with older Kindle 3 (keyboard) and the solution was surprising – loose screws of the board. I wrote my experiences to my blog, look at the link to the article. I hope it helps.

  5. My kf was acting up so I looked up some things and did the hard reboot and now when I plug the charger in it will not charge or come on. I have to take the charger out of it completely and then it will power on. Tried the 50 second trick and everything. Just for this of and I’m so heartbroken. Can someone by any chance help me… Plz? Thank you in advance!!

  6. Awesome…I was going to buy a new Kindle Fire…But now I can put my money back in my pocket. So happy this trick worked… Thanks for sharing

  7. Your trick helps just once until KF is used. Once posed and reused again after sleeping KF continue to restart … Seems standby process cause this problem.

  8. Thank you so much!! My daughter’s KF had not been used for months + the batter was completely drained. When I hooked it up to charge it went on a constant loop. This saved it! Greatly appreciate you passing along the info!

  9. OMG…you really save my day.
    I am a new Android user and have no idea what’d happened! I was panicking and then found your solution!
    Just wonderful.

  10. Hey you are great!!!! This thing worked like a charm. My Kindle was so dried up.

  11. My wife s Kindle was charged up but would not start up. I have it connected to my computer still no light orange or green. It is however on.It has had a mind of it s own four about a month now. It no longer rotates as she turn the device. any help would be apprecaited as we are both dinosaurs in a techie world.

  12. I tried this and it didnt work. I called amazon and explained the issue and they just issued a replacement for me. Said its a software issue.

  13. hmm.. the second the usb goes back in, it turns on. Can’t really wait 40 seconds.

  14. I LOVE YOU!

    Thank you so much… you saved my refurbished kindle fire!

    You are a truly great man for sharing this!

  15. Thank you so much…my kf has been out of commission for several days with the exact problem as yours. I finally got it to boot to the home screen with this trick. It’s got a ways to go but it’s this is the most progress i’ve seen

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