Mac OS X 10.6.5 update killed my 2010 MacBook Air

I just finished installing the 10.6.5 update on my 2010 MacBook Air using the Software Update utility. The installation process went smoothly but my 2 week old  13″ MacBook Air didn’t come back to life after the restart. It’s dead. No picture, no Apple logo, no chime, zilch! The only thing I hear is the fan when I press the on/off button long enough. During the update process the fan came on (until then I didn’t even know there was one). Maybe some component on the main-board overheated? Just speculating here.

I’m still in the process of trying all sorts of keyboard combinations to reset PRAM and stuff but so far, none have worked.

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  1. The same happened to me and my MBA 13-inch. Only the fan would turn on. No startup chime, no video. Called Apple yesterday an they are replacing it

  2. Sorry to hear about that. Did it work out?
    I didn’t have time to update my MBA 11.6 yet.

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