MMI VIM login-code generator Windows application

Due to popular demand there’s a MMI 2G/3G VIM login-code generator application available in the download area. Windows-only. And you need .NET Framework 3.5 in order to run it. You will be asked to download it from Microsoft during the installation if it can’t be found on your system.

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  1. 2015 Audi S6 worked perfect.
    Only diffrence is to reset MMI and can be found in owners manual.

    1. Are you serious?
      Your serial number started “K5FA” ?
      Please let me know how to get security access code.

  2. tested VIM calculator on audi A4 2015 MODEL MMI 3G
    worked fine !!! Many thx

  3. I need access code for serial with K5FAN1. Anyone knows how to do it.


  4. Hallo from Germany,
    I´ve tested the VIM Generator.
    It work´s very fine!
    Tested on a 2009 and 2010 Audi A4 with MMI 2G.


  5. Hello

    i have audi A8 4E with MMI 2g

    My Serial are AUX… and so on, both generated Keys dont go

    what can i do

  6. Hi, the code works fine for ma Audi A5 from 2008 !
    Now i can show TV and DVD as fast speed.
    Thankyou !

    Now i look for a solution which i can show the rearview camera as fast speed.

    Have anybody a idea to solve this ?

  7. Great work! Can you share more information on how exactly do you calculate it?

  8. RMC on the Audi A7 2011.
    Where can I find the serial key?
    I want to unlock my video in motion?
    Sincerely, Mark

  9. Similar question to Wilson and RimSA – sure would be nice to be able to generate codes for the other modules…

  10. Hi! This code generator works only for CONTROL MODULE-07 or for every controller? I’m trying to access ENGINE-01 code protected sections, no way :(


  11. Hi, in my A6 C6 4F 2004 model doesn’t work !!!
    i’ve try to insert each two code and i’ve already check if i change with the second serial numbers but no solution for me !
    Thanks for the replay !

  12. to JAmes: did you receive anything that helps for rns510, because the trick from ‘rns510 video in motion’ doesn´t work anymore, they blocked the work around for shure in germany.
    to Jan: do you have something about: does anyone know if this will work with the rns510 mfd3 system? or any other way of hacking the video in motion using vag-com/vcds?

  13. I have installed it in my 3 week old 2011 model Audi A4 (MMI3G) and it works!

    The menu numbers as described were different here, but if you look at the description of the menu, you will be able to find it!

    Thanks for the link!!! AWESOME!!!

  14. for James, as far as I am aware, RNS510 doesn’t need anything special – there are a couple of videos on youtube that show how to do it (search for ‘rns510 video in motion’) – EASY!

  15. does anyone know if this will work with the rns510 mfd3 system? or any other way of hacking the video in motion using vag-com/vcds?


  16. my 2010 q7 serial number is K5FAN1 52A17WK ,and the login code is 0WAK1 and another code is 0A17K ,but the code can
    t work ,would you please show me my login code,thanks a lot!!

    1. Do you able to get the access code. My car also with K5FAN1 serial.
      No idea how to get the access code with this serial no..


  17. i have the downgrade disc for the rnse u also need vcds 5 min job then power down for 12 hour easy works fine

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