New Holux M-241 firmware 1.11

Holux recently published a firmware update for its M-241 GPS logger. Once applied you’ll be able to set the M-241 on auto-logging so it starts logging automatically every time you turn it on. In earlier firmware releases you had to wait until it had a satellite fix in order to turn logging on. This was a much criticized shortcoming.

The update has to be applied in Windows XP or Vista. If you haven’t done so already you need to install the virtual COM port drivers first. The COM port auto-detection in the Holux utility didn’t work in my case so I had to go to the Windows Device Manager (-> Ports -> COM & LPT) to find out which virtual COM port had been assigned (in my case COM 5). Updating took about 30 seconds.

Don’t forget to go to the settings menu in the M-241 to turn “AutoLog” on.

Download the new firmware here:

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