No sound after Mac OS X 10.5.6 update?

After installing the latest Mac OS X 10.5.6 update my Mac refused to play any sound. It took me quite some time to find the problem: for some reason the update set the sound output to “Headphones” instead of “Internal speakers”. Once I set it back to “Internal speakers” the sound was back.


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  1. I did the put the headphones and and take out…. I did put the headphones in and restart…. I did everything mentioned above, but as soon as I take the headphones out my volume is grayed out. The only output option I have is is headphone port or optical digital-out port. I can’t select internal speakers. Any solutions for this?

  2. Just needed/found/used this tip today. Worked perfect, saved me from frustration. Thanks

  3. Thanks for posting this fix. After updating to 10.6.8 I had no audio. This did the trick.

  4. Just did a Lion OS update and my sound was no longer working. Switched the choice back to “internal speakers” and everything is working fine once again. Thanks!

  5. Thanks so much. A really easy fix. Would not have found it without your help.

  6. Same deal – OSX upgrade to 10.6.8. Sound didn’t work (no sound) through internal speakers, after plugging in and unplugging the headphones, sound worked. No reboot needed.

  7. SORTED: plug in the headphones … restart your computer! it did the trick for me!

  8. Installed update to Itunes (10.2), now I’m not getting sound and it won’t let me choose internal speakers as an output source. The only choice is Built-in Audio, not built in speakers. Any suggestions? Mind you my Imac is pre-Intel.

  9. i want to enable sound in my Imac , this sound was disabled by admin..please tell me some way to enable the sounds in my mac.

  10. Thanks for posting it solved my problem quickly…
    Never showed me anything other than a headphones option ??
    But after I de-activated the mute button my sound was back

  11. No sound after Mac OS X update …
    plugged in some earphones, red light started, worked perfect. Thanks

  12. Thanks so much! Just had this problem after an update, got fed up with waiting on the phone to speak to apple support & found your suggestion. Hurray.

  13. Thanks a lot for this post! Today (2009-november-16) I ran a software update and my sound disappeared… This helped!

  14. For 2 years I lived without sound on my older Mac G5 1.8. Four
    days ago I bought a brand new iMac 2.93 GHz because I wanted something with ‘sound’, and that 4 GB memory. – When I initially had the problem on my older Mac, I tried every link I could think of to resolve the problem. I asked people I knew who had Macs . . techies, etc. I consulted Apple Support . . checked the Mac forums. I really thought I had blown out the sound card or something. Then, earlier Thursday evening . . the same thing happened on my new computer, just like the old. And I luck out and find your suggestion to check the System Sound set-up. Sure enough, worked on the new one . . worked on the old one. Needless to say, I am pissed big time with Apple.

  15. I have had my Mac os 10.5.6 running for a few months and the sound just disappeared! As a result of reading your post, I plugged in some earphones, the sound came on in them, then when I removed them, the sound was back in the internal speakers.

    Go figure!!!

    HTH :)

  16. Thanks for posting this. It took me only 2 mins. between “What now!?” and finding your solution.

  17. Thanks for this, I wish I had googled it earlier before calling Apple support. Their 2nd tier support told me to re-install the operating system, which I stupidly did. Still nothing. I found your trick and in 15 seconds was back in business. The only problem is that I cannot get the 10.5.6 update to run, it gets hung every time. Back to Apple support. Thanks again, good tip.

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