OS X 10.7.4 update breaks Asus P6T X58 compatibility

For the first time ever, an OS X update breaks compatibility with the X58 chipset. After applying the 10.7.4 update most X58-based Hackintoshs will see (if booted with the -v option) an ACPI related kernel panic or the kernel will just hang early in the boot process with a message like

IOAPIC: Version 0x20 Vectors 64:87
IOAPIC: Version 0x20 Vectors 88:111

Reverting  back to an older AppleACPIPlatform.kext will most likely bring the Hackintosh back from the dead. In order to get access to the disk you’ll need some sort of OS X boot/recovery drive. Make sure you rebuild the kext-cache or temporarily disable support for kernelcache in Chimera/Chameleon.

See this thread on insanelymac.com for a working AppleACPIPlatform.kext. Hopefully, someone finds out what changes need to be made in the boot loader and/or DSDT.

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  1. Like Ken, i Dont have sound with the kext that you’ve provided either..takes a long time to shutdown as well.

  2. I am running asus p6t deluxe and have no sound. Anyone get sound to work? Or will I have to go USB sound card ?

  3. Hello Ralf, i cant update my P6t SE bios from 0908 to 1408, it says incompatible rom! How did u do that ?


  4. Update!
    After downgrading my BIOS to original P6T-SE, I do get the same kernel panic as Jan described above, when upgrading to OS X 10.7.4.

    So, the same error which forced me to upgrade my BIOS in the first place to install OS X 10.7.2/3, now returns on all P6ST-boards when upgrading to OS X10.7.4.

    Does anyone have experience in modifying DSDT files? Is there even a chance to fix this problem by adjusting the DSTD.


  5. Thank You, Jan.

    Downloaded and testet your DSDT.aml. Runs perfect including shutdown and sleep.

    WakeOnLan functioning only from sleep but not from power off.

    Currently I’am using BIOS Version 1408 for P6T running on P6T-SE board.

    Power Up Timing from power off:
    20 seconds BIOS to Bootloader
    5 seconds Bootloader waiting
    27 Bootloader to Login Screen

    52 seconds total

    Wake from sleep by Keyboard, Power switch or LAN:
    5 seconds

    Shutdonw time 15 seconds

    Next I will try to downgrade my BIOS to the original P6T-SE and test again with your DSDT.aml file. On my first Installations I couldn’t get or create a DSDT.aml to be used with the original P6T-SE BIOS.

    I wll downgrade because I currently do have problems installing Windows XP. Also my eSATA port seems to be dead. But I have to figure out, if the BIOS really is the source of these problems.

    Best regards,

  6. I’am running a P6T SE using the newest P6T BIOS. Lion 10.7.4 upgrade fails. Would be thankfull Jan, to get your DSDT file, since I also have a shutdown problem with my current configuration.

    Thanks, for this nice Page. A lot of info, great.


  7. Hi, i have asus p6t, intel i7 920, nvidia gtx 560 ti, and lion 10.7.4 works fine, it takes about 2 minuts to start, and sometimes i got a freeze screen with some text to reboot the system (i think is a kernel panic) does anyone knows how tio fix this? also, I try to install snow leopard and lion on my laptop, sony vaio vpcf113fx, its an i7 720qm and a motherboard with intel 55mp chipset but i couldnt do it. again HELP PLEASE. thanks. and regards

  8. I got rid of the stupid 75 second boot wait using the kext from the link.

  9. I have Asus P6T(x58), but I dont have kernel panic. After
    IOAPIC: Version 0×20 Vectors 64:87
    IOAPIC: Version 0×20 Vectors 88:111
    system wait about 1-2 min and boot normal

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