OS X Yosemite installer shows blank/black screen when using Clover

This is a heads up for everybody with an Nvidia GTX 760 (other Nvidia cards may be affected as well) trying to install OS X Yosemite 10.10 using Clover on a Hackintosh. If you’re getting a blank/black screen at the start of the installation, try to add the boot flag nv_disable=1. My screen was getting dark just after the installer displayed DSMOS has arrived when using the -v verbose boot flag. It always happened right after the installer was switching from text mode to graphics mode.

                <string>dart=0 -v kext-dev-mode=1 nv_disable=1</string>

Once OS X Yosemite has been installed, the nv_disable boot flag is no longer required and should be removed.

8 replies on “OS X Yosemite installer shows blank/black screen when using Clover”

  1. Seriously, I don’t comment on many sites ever but I had to say thank you so much for this. It totally worked! You rock!

  2. After I press F8 to choose the USB stick, the screen turns black with a a strange symbol at the top left corner..it looks like a upside m down capital T….Help!

  3. Thank you so much, after all I finally managed to get the installation screen. But I have another question:
    You say that this boot flag should be removed after the installation. Can you explain how?

  4. Good call my friend, was about to toss clover and head back to Chameleon but now its all good :).

  5. Hey duderino

    Thanks for helping me out! I was wondering why me screen went black. The flag resolved my issue, YEHAW BABEH!

    See you on the other side,

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