Review: Geotagging software comparison for the Mac

Here’s a review of geotagging tools available as of today (July ’08). I tested all of them personally and tried to come up with a pro & con list on each of them. If you know a geotagging Mac application that’s not included on this list, please drop a comment. Continue reading “Review: Geotagging software comparison for the Mac”

Nikon D80 RAW .NEF GPS geotagging workflow on the Mac

I already wrote a few articles about how to use my preferred GPS logging device, the Holux M-241, on the Mac. In this article I’m focusing on the linking process between the GPS data and the photos. This process is called a geotagging workflow. Most of the time I’m taking pictures in RAW mode so the workflow is optimized for this type of images. I’m using a Nikon D80 but the workflow should work with almost any other (Nikon) digital camera like the Nikon D200 or Nikon D300 too. Continue reading “Nikon D80 RAW .NEF GPS geotagging workflow on the Mac”

Flawed: XtremeMac HDMI switch

My Philips LCD TV features 3 HDMI inputs but the number of HDMI devices on my home entertainment system is increasing steadily. There just aren’t enough HDMI inputs on the TV.

The more expensive solution would be to buy a new A/V receiver that sports multiple HDMI inputs like the Sony STR-DA4400ES. The much less expensive solution would be to buy one of the few HDCP-capable HDMI-switches around. Because I already own an Apple TV and after reading this positive review on AppleInsider, I decided to go for the XtremeMac 4-port HDMI switcher. The switch has the same dimensions as Apple TV and looks similar to it, even though the build quality is no match for Apple TV. Continue reading “Flawed: XtremeMac HDMI switch”

New Holux M-241 firmware 1.11

Holux recently published a firmware update for its M-241 GPS logger. Once applied you’ll be able to set the M-241 on auto-logging so it starts logging automatically every time you turn it on. In earlier firmware releases you had to wait until it had a satellite fix in order to turn logging on. This was a much criticized shortcoming. Continue reading “New Holux M-241 firmware 1.11”