Review: Tokina AT-X 116 Pro DX ultra-wide zoom

On my last trip to NYC I noticed that my Nikkor 18-200mm (27-300mm) zoom lens wasn’t wide enough for quite a few locations. I was looking for a non-fisheye, ultra-wide lens for some time when a fellow pointed me to the brand new Tokina AT-X 11-16mm f/2.8 zoom, that’s 16-24mm on my Nikon D80. The same model is available for Canon DSLRs too. The lens is a DX which means it should be used on crop sensor DSLRs only. The quality of the lens body is very good, nothing feels cheap or flimsy.The lens comes with a solid plastic petal snap-in lens hood. Somebody reported a butterfly pattern on his AT-X 116. I had a close look at my lens and was unable to detect any pattern on it. Most likely just an isolated problem. Photozone features an in-depth review of the lens optics. Also, don’t miss Ken Rockwell’s awesome review of the lens.

The lens isn’t available outside Asia until June 2008. I’m going to travel to Copenhagen early next month and I really wanted that lens to come with me. That’s why I bought it from a Japanese eBay seller for US$ 689. It arrived the same week I ordered it. According to the price indicated on the lens will be even less expensive if ordered in the U.S once it becomes available (US$ 570).

Here are some photos I took with my Tokina lens over the last couple of months. These are not meant to be reference photos for the lens and post-processing may have been applied to some.


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  1. Tokina’s 11-16 f/2.8 offers superb clarity, performance, sharpness and overall value for DX bodies, its sharpness even surpasses that of Nikkor 12-24mm

  2. Nice pictures of my second home in the US.

    I am a D300 user with the Tokina 12-24 lens among some others. This is a awesome lens and much more affordable tha the Nikon lens. The results are almost the same. There are several reviews on the internet that compare both lenses. Good luck.
    And dont forget let every pixel count.

  3. I am also a D80 user with Nikkor 18-200mm lens. I miss my old 24mm wide angle and have been considering a Nikkor 12-24 (I can pick-up a GOOD used one for $500) or the Tokina 11-16mm (which I CANNOT FIND). Your thoughts and/or suggestions? Thanks and nice NY photos!

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