Safari 4 beta takes a long time to start?

A few weeks ago, my Safari 4 beta started to behave weirdly while starting up. At first, the “fastest browser in the world” just hung a few seconds after firing it up but in the end, it displayed a spinning beach ball for almost 2 minutes until I was able to actually do something with it. Well, I had hoped the 10.5.7 Mac OS X update or the latest Safari 4 beta update would cure the problem but no, they did not. Today, I was able to finally fix it!

After noticing several PubSubAgent Foundation::NetException errors in my Mac’s system log file whenever the spinning beach ball thing was going on, I had a strong suspicion it had something to do with RSS feeds. So I opened Mail, deleted the only exising RSS feed (Apple News something) and set the default RSS reader to Mail (was set to Safari) and guess what… everything is back to normal now! I’m using Google Reader for RSS feeds anyway.

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  1. I just stumbled upon this while dealing with the very same problem for the last couple months… so glad I found a simple solution that worked. Now it loads up lightning fast again and doesn’t take forever any more. Thanks.

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