Enable AirPrint printer sharing for iOS 4.2 and higher for iPad or iPhone

To use Apple AirPrint on an iOS device like the iPad or iPhone you either need an AirPrint enabled printer or a printer that’s connected to a Mac. Here’s how to use a printer that’s connected to a Mac. In order to be seen by any iOS device, the printer needs to be shared on your local network. Go to System Preferences -> Sharing and activate the checkbox for “Printer Sharing”. Click the “Open Print Preferences” button. In my example, I’m going to share my Lexmark C530 laser printer. Continue reading

Mac doesn’t auto-sleep anymore, hard disks too

Lately, my Mac was having two weird problems.
First, it didn’t go to sleep after the amount of time set in Energy Manager anymore. In fact, it only went to sleep if either I pressed the sleep button on the case or selected the sleep menu entry in the top left Apple-icon menu.

The second problem was that unused hard disks didn’t go to sleep anymore. If I manually ejected an unused hard disk it only went to sleep for a short time. After about 30 seconds I could hear the disk spin up again. Well, obviously something I installed on the Mac was preventing it from going to sleep properly.

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Apple being sued for iMac display quality

A few months ago I wrote an article about uneven iMac displays. Apparently, some buyers, represented by Kabateck Brown Kellner LLP, were disturbed enough with the bad display quality of the aluminum iMacs that they choose to file a class action lawsuit against Apple. The lawsuit names inflated claims, concealed inferiorities of the new 20-inch iMac as main reasons.

See here for the official press release from KBK.

Personally, I’d love to be part of this lawsuit because the 20″ display in our iMac really sucks big time and it’s the reason why this iMac is the worst Apple product we’ve ever owned.

Uneven iMac Displays

Test your aluminum iMac if it has a good or bad display


Added 2008-4-1: Apple being sued over iMac display quality!
“Dazzling displays: Your photos, movies, and games will come to life in rich, vivid color thanks to the new glossy widescreen display on every iMac. …delivering greater performance for everything from enhancing photos to playing games and more.”

This is how Apple describes the displays in the new aluminum iMac. But there seems to be a vast difference between the marketing promises and reality. Users affected by bad iMac displays report their experiences as follows (these are just a few excerpts out of dozens of statements in Apple’s own discussion forum):

“I’m a PC-to-Mac switcher and purchased a 24” imac about a month ago and returned it for a full-refund due to the obvious gradient.”

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