RTMPDump WARNING: HandShake: Server not genuine Adobe

Since a few days you may get a warning using RTMPDump v2.3 saying “WARNING: HandShake: Server not genuine Adobe!”. RTMPDump v2.3 usually quits with a handshake error after it’s instructed to use a type 9 handshake by the server. For some sites using the older RTMPDump version 2.1d fixes the problem. If you’re on Mac […]

Capture Flash .flv streams with RTMPDump on the Mac

RTMPDump is a very powerful software to download/capture Flash streams. It’s incredibly useful for sites that don’t let you download Flash videos for offline usage. And you know what, it’s free to use (GPLv2)! RTMPDump is command line only though so if you’re looking for a nice user interface, RTMPDump may not be for you. […]