Prevent SSL redirect loop using WordPress and HAProxy

This is a first post in a series on how to use HAProxy in front of WordPress. I’m using HAProxy to offload SSL connections to a WordPress site. The site itself runs on an internal IP address on port 80 while HAProxy listens on incoming connections on *:80 and *:443. Connections to *:443 will be […]

Google Reader not refreshing RSS feed anymore

My RSS feeds on don’t get refreshed in my Google Reader account anymore. Usually, new posts on my site show up in Google Reader within minutes or hours. It looks like the problem started in February 2011 and my site isn’t the only site affected, according to this thread and another thread in Google’s […]

kStats Reloaded – the fast statistics plugin for WordPress

StatPress & StatPress Reloaded move over, there’s a new WordPress statistics plugin in town! It’s called kStats Reloaded. Even though it’s still in beta I find it more useful than StatPress (Reloaded) because it’s a lot faster and the charts look better. It even has an option to import all your historical data accumulated by […]

Watch page load times when using WordPress social bookmark plugins

I’d like to make my blog posts more share-friendly by adding buttons at the end of every post for the most popular bookmarking/sharing web sites like Twitter, Facebook, Digg and so on. There’s a wide range of social bookmark plugins available for WordPress. A plugin that immediately caught my eye is SexyBookmarks. It looks great […]

How-to: Change all internal WordPress links from www to non-www

I recently changed my website’s WordPress URL from its www-version to the non www-version: changed to just As this may will confuse search engines and thus lower your visibility in organic searches, it’s recommended to configure a 301 (permanently moved) redirect from the old domain name to the new one. There’s lots of […]

Must Read Posts: New version 2.0

After quite a long time with no updates I just released a new version of my WordPress plugin “Must-Read Posts”. The new version adds several configurable sorting options which was the most requested missing feature. With the exception of the custom sort order they’re pretty self explanatory and include: Post date descending (latest posts/pages first) […]