Use this form to generate the VIM (Video In Motion) login-code to gain write-access to any MMI 2G head unit to enable TV/DVD-playback at all vehicle speeds. Click here for more information. Looking for a MMI 3G login-code? See here.
  1. Select control module 07 in VAG-COM/VCDS
  2. Select "Advanced ID - 1A"
  3. Submit the value from the "Serial number" field in the form below. If there is more than one serial number field, use the first one!
  4. "Security Access - 16"
  5. Enter the personal login-code provided below
  6. Press "Do It!". If you receive a "code not valid" message try the alternative code. If neither code works it's likely that your control module doesn't support VIM adaptation.
  7. Select "Adaptation - 10"
  8. Select channel 63
  9. Press read
  10. Set the value to 255
  11. Press test
  12. Press save
  13. Press "Done, Go Back", close the controller and quit the software
  14. Restart the MMI: Press and hold down the function keys 1 (Setup), the control button 2 and the control key at the top right 3 simultaneously until the MMI system shuts down. Release keys -> MMI system reboots.
  15. There's another way to restart the MMI 2G:
    1. Select control module 07 in VAG-COM/VCDS
    2. Select "Adaptation - 10"
    3. Select channel 111
    4. Test & save the value 1 into this channel
    5. Press "Done, Go Back"
Enter serial number: Example: 431CM027563721
If this login-code generator worked for you, please leave a comment and include the car model and model year, thanks! If you're using a VAS 505x use channel 001 to get the serial number (first field) and remove the leading zero from the generated login-code (4 digits instead of 5).

Click here to translate this page to German or any other supported language. And by the way, did you know that the buttons in VAG-COM/VCDS use the same numbers in every language, i.e. 10 for Adaptation, 1A for Advanced ID.

Warning/Disclaimer: Do not watch and drive! It may even be illegal in your country to watch video/TV while the car is moving! This is for experimental purposes only.