Unlocking the MMI 3G hidden menu

Just like in the MMI 2G, there’s a hidden menu in the MMI 3G too. I don’t encourage anyone to enable the hidden developer menu as it’s hidden for a good reason. So, if you’re the kind of person who likes to press buttons without knowing what they do, the hidden menu may not be for you! Don’t say you haven’t been warned.


  1. Select control module 5F in VAG-COM/VCDS
  2. Select “Adaptation – 10”
  3. Select channel 6
  4. Set the value to 1
  5. Press test
  6. Press save
  7. Press “Done, Go Back”, close the controller and quit the software
  8. There’s no need to restart the MMI, just press CAR + SETUP for 6 seconds to enter the hidden menu

Is there anything useful you can do with this menu? Well… that depends if you count things like enabling the battery capacity status bar, increasing the microphone sensitivity or changing the splash screen image useful or not.

Thanks go out to Flibbi (again) for providing the adaptation channel settings!

Some hidden menu screenshots:







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  1. I have a late 2011 A6 4G and I was able to set channel 6 to 1 in VCDS. I have tried to open the hidden menu using the “Menu” and “Car” buttons and holding these buttons for many more than 6 seconds but no menu. When I check the value of channel 6 in VCDS it is definitely set to 1. Anyone aware of any other available tricks?

  2. Hi all:
    I have enable the hidden menu with my MMI 3G plus, but I have a subtitle in the top left coner of the screen and shows “ScreenID=xxxx”, I forget which item I enabled, please help me and I can disable the subtitles.
    Best regards

  3. hi, I have a a4 8k with mmi 3g, I can not get into the system “5F – Information Electr” connection fails, this happened after the battery has been discharged completely, as it could solve the problem, thanks

  4. bonsoir comment revenir en arrière j’ai la touche car allume je n’arrive pas a la désactiver

  5. Hi,
    A5 with GPS 3G advanced plus.Error was made trying to update with a new version.Now,I have a red page with :EmpApp 22.30.1642 MU9307 trigger shut down… 1 minute countdown and nothing…
    I can send a screen picture if you need.
    Thanks so much for help

  6. Is there a way to copy store bought cds to the MMI 3G I have already unlocked my VIM

  7. Hi,
    I have activated hidden menu on may car to activate this battery level menu point on MMI.
    After I have done it I lost clock from MMI screen there –:– just shown instead of time and in MMI menu “Time” I can only adjust date and time formats. Options to change time and source of it have lost.

    Can someone help?
    Car is A6 C6 from 2009

        1. Dear Tonis,
          Please let me know how I can solve this problem, I have a 2016 VW Touareg TDI USA and after enabling green menu via VCDS have the top left corner white screen ID. Hoe I can get rid of it, thank you in advance.

  8. Who have the complete list of manipulations with the MMI (3G) hidden menu???
    Thx a lot!

  9. Hello


    Can anyone help activate AC info in the MMI display?
    My watch is not over into the MMI display.

    I think this must be done in the hidden menu?

    Car A5 2009
    5F SW: 8R1 035 666 A HW: 8R1 035 666

  10. Hey,how can I enter to the 1st instruction ?what buttons I should press?i have an A6 10/2009..help me pls

  11. We have a A1 and would like to have a after market handsfree kit fitted but am told that there is none available (due to cam-bus protocolls) nhowever have also been told that the system we have in is already capable of blue tooth must only get microphoe cable from Audi and system must be activated on computor (MMI system)?? can anybody help me confirming this? thanks

  12. Is it possible to add/change POI’s within the navigation data?
    hello, it is possible to activate the automatic closing of the porter.
    Thanks for the help

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  14. Can’t find a way to unlock the gps :(
    nor the maps for the gps :(

    Is there anyone who know how to activate the gps and who have the maps for western europe too ?

    Thanks U !

  15. Even though I did like told above with VCDS, it’s not possible to access the hidden menue with car+setup- Nothing happens even if I press for 10s ;-)

    Could you please help me, maybe what went wrong?

    Thanks in Advance

  16. can someone tel or help me how to unluck the tv speed on a audi A1 mmi system, the mmi 3g is no problem and that works but if y thry to do the same on de audi a1 its tels me thad y need a 5number unluck and y cad one of 4.
    this is whit the tool from te site.

  17. Thanks for the help, I got determinded and tried sooo many differnt variations but here is what finally worked for me.

    Hit/release car (turns red)
    Hit/release setup (turns red)
    Hit/Hold car & setup at same time for approx 6 seconds (setup button red light goes out)
    Release both buttons then hit setup

    Thanks for the help


  18. Jan, thanks for the reply, I definatley have the the 3G high, with hard drive, I’ve already uploaded some songs, and noticed there is no DVD for the navigation like I had in my 2009 A4. How do I check to see the serial version?

  19. Mike, there are a number of areas where things can go wrong.
    a) Are you sure you have a MMI 3G high, there’s also a basic version with a slightly smaller screen an no internal hard drive.
    b) There’s a new version of the MMI 3G high which has a non-numeric serial version (K5FAN). Maybe things don’t work the old way with these new models.


  20. Ok, I’m prob doing something wrong here. I have a mfg 3/10 2010 A5 Cabr. I have a 912 hex-can-usb vag and for the life of me, have not been successful at enabling the hidden menu in the MMI, following the above steps. I have also rebooted the MMI and still no luck with the CAR/SETUP routine, after doing 5F … steps.


  21. rather than taking photos of the MMI screen. If you insert an SD card and press the directional arrows either side of the return button together for a few seconds it takes a screen shot in .png format :)

  22. Hi Steve,
    I have bought the new A4 model 2010, also there’s
    inside the new 3G MMI system.
    Is this generator also working for my MMI system.
    I am not yet in the possession of a VAG com cable but
    before I intend to buy i would like to know if i can
    enable VIM TV playback.
    Pleased to hear.
    I already downloaded the MSI file, where can I find the
    serial number ?
    And after generate what do i have to do ?
    Pls comment

  23. Hey Jan, nice work with the unlock code. I’m sure there are a great number of user on the web that owe you a debt of gratitude.

    I’m taking delivery of a new Q7 4.2 TDI with the latest 3G MMI and I am assuming that the 3G unlock code will probably not work for me.

    Let me know if there is some way in which I can assist you to create an unlock code generator for these latest 3G MMI systems.

    I know cars and electronics pretty well and don’t want any credit for the work. Perhaps if you provide some insight into the method originally used, I can do something similar.

    I have a VAG COM cable, so I can access all of the electronics required.

    Anyway, let me know if you are interested.


  24. Does anyone know how to activate the bluetooth phonekit on the newer Audis with MMI 3G technology.

  25. Is it possible to activate bluetooth with this?
    Maybe conecting microphones to the main unit and enabling the option with the hidden menu it works.

  26. any chance with the programming of the auto closing of the lift gate? also it would be great to auto program the remote to lock the windows when leaving the car and pressing the auto lock.

  27. Hi Trick77,
    Could you please be so kind and advise how to enable the option of closing the boot lid using the ignition key? Thanks a lot!

  28. Some other sites are enabling Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) for 3g mmi using the hidden menu and Vagcom. Have you tried? How about another idiots guide for us idiots!!!!


  29. Hi,
    i have a question regarding the audi bluetooth telephone.

    Is it posible to deactivate automatic profile switching and automatic sync of contacts.

    It should be posible to sync contacts with a connected mobile phone (bluetooth with sap) and then use the contacts with an inserted sim-card (bluetooth mobile disconnected).
    I’m not talking about the 100 entries, which can be saved in the car, but about the 2000 entries which can be synced.
    If i connect my bluetooth phone all contacts get synced. But if i disconnect the phone and insert a sim-card, then the profile is switched and all contacts will disappear.

    Thanks Andi

  30. Hey Jan,

    Great tricks! Just wondering if you had heard any success with this in North America. I have set 5F Channel 6 from 0 to 1. Pressing car setup for 6 seconds (or longer) does nothing. I am in Canada and have a 2009 Q5.

    Thanks for making this information available for all!

  31. Hello Trick 77,
    do you have a VCDS ? Could you make a “Steuergeräteabbild) from the 5F So i could have a look for the changes with AMI and without AMI. Thanks a lot

  32. Maik, I have no idea how to do this because I ordered the car with the AMI. Maybe it can be activated using the hidden menu but you still need to take care of the wiring.

  33. Hello Trick 77,

    did you now how to enable the build-in AMI Interface via the Hidden Menu ?


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