USB Bluetooth dongle for your OS X 10.7 Lion Hackintosh

Want to use Bluetooth on your OS X 10.7 Lion Hackintosh? I went through several super-low-cost USB Bluetooth dongles until I found one that still works after waking the Hack from sleep, which seems to be a common problem for some Bluetooth dongles. I’m only using Bluetooth for my Magic Trackpad though but so far, this dongle works a treat. I got mine from eBay for $1.88 including free shipping (no kiddin’!) from this seller. The item is shipping from China, delivery may take 2 weeks.

Apple Bluetooth Software Version:	2.5.0f17
  Hardware Settings:
  Address:	00-16-23-3e-0b-47
  Manufacturer:	Cambridge Silicon Radio
  Name:	Jan’s Mac Pro
  Firmware Version:	3164
  Bluetooth Power:	On
  Discoverable:	Yes
  Vendor ID:	0xa12
  Product ID:	0x1
  HCI Version:	3 (0x3)
  HCI Revision:	3164 (0xc5c)
  LMP Version:	3 (0x3)
  LMP Subversion:	3164 (0xc5c)
  Device Type (Major):	Computer
  Device Type (Complete):	Mac Desktop
  Composite Class Of Device:	3801348 (0x3a0104)
  Device Class (Major):	1 (0x1)
  Device Class (Minor):	1 (0x1)
  Service Class:	464 (0x1d0)
  Peer to Peer Supported:	No

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  1. I bought it for € 4 from Chinese store in my country, the same dongle in the photo above, and it works great on snowleopard 10.6.7

  2. chinese products = short life (and poor quality) product!.
    It’s ALWAYS so, avoid china products, they build everything with cheap and with poor quality materials

  3. Looks like the hardware has been changed. Mind you it’s almost a year since I ordered it myself. Mine is still working flawlessly, even in the Mountain Lion beta.

  4. Same here too, in fact the OS fails to boot with this very adapter installed. Also as per previous posts, the aerial is in fact just a piece of plastic, opening up the adapter reveals the aerial isn’t connected to anything and just spins in the plastic case.

    The adapter works in Windows so is a genuine component but doesn’t work in OSX Lion.

  5. Hey,
    i’ve purchased the same dongle from the same provider, but i cannot use bluetooth. It’s like it must be installed first. Any ideas? I’m on Lion 10.7.3 now.


  6. Did not work at all. The dongle was not recognized by my system. In fact, the unit I received was so cheaply made that it fell apart when I pushed it into the USB port.

    By the way, the antenna is hooked to… nothing.

    Build: GA X58A-UD3R, i7930, Lion 10.7.4

  7. Holy moly! I was able to pair my BT kbd and trackpad and use them OOB. Currently, the BT setting for wake from sleep is not enabled. Will see if I can get around this (I’ll try different USB ports for the dongle). Multi-gesture is working. Running 10.7.3 on my hack with an Asus GA-Z68X-UDH3H-B3 mobo. After using power button to wake from sleep the BT devices took about 1 minute to work again. I had trouble with my kbd because it had been paired with old Tiger Mac before. Eventually got old Mac to release it, then I had to attempt to pair twice with kbd. Second time was a charm.

  8. Works great with the Apple Trackpad, but cannot pair an Apple bluetooth keyboard… STRANGE!!!

  9. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I bought 4 BT dongles for my lion hackintosh and this was the only one that worked with the trackpad!

  10. Works for me. I have an ASUS P8Z68-V PRO. Shipping was fast by the seller but it took forever (3 weeks) to get it but nothing beats free shipping and coming from China even better =)

  11. This is wonderful. Up and running like a charm on a Dell Vostro 220. Worked OOTB as advertised. It took about a month to receive but well worth the price.LOL

  12. Got mine! It works perfectly doesn’t disconnect, wakes from sleep and multi finger gestures work wonderfully!

    Great value!

  13. i was set to order one until i read Egor’s post about the multi finger gestures not working. i have a no-name micro usb dongle on my hackintosh and the multi finger gestures freeze the cursor for several seconds when used with JUST a magic trackpad….but here’s where it gets really weird – if i pair an apple bluetooth keyboard with the magic trackpad it no longer freezes (but the cursor movement isn’t as smooth as a native apple bluetooth on my macpro & macbook pro. Running a wireless keyboard is actally not what i want to do, so i’m searching for a bluetooth dongle for my hackintosh that supports multi finger gestures while ONLY being paired with a magic track pad.

    I’d love to hear some input.

  14. Hello!
    I have this dongle (0x0a12 0x0001) – my Magic Mouse and Trackpad don’t work with multitouch gestures (more than two fingers) – they freeze up to 30 seconds!

  15. It works! But the ” On / OFF ” Button on Bluetooth System Preference Panel and on Menubar is ” greyed out “… how to fix that?

  16. Yeah, that is actually the problem, I WANT to wake after sleep from bluetooth :) So I am going for the apple hack thingy.
    And it is more vanilla :)



    1. Maarten, the link you posted is actually pretty cool :-)

      Depends on what you mean with sleep and wake. Waking FROM a Bluetooth device still won’t work with this dongle but at least it doesn’t cause any wake-after-sleep problems as most many other dongles do.


  17. Thanks for this post. Super-useful. Did you have to make any configuration changes or install any kext for this to work, or was it working out-of-the-box for you?

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