When is the next Apple keynote website update

I’m about to roll out an update for the wheniskeynote.com website, just in time for the WWDC 13 keynote. The changes include:

  • Replaced the countdown with one that supports reflection
  • Replaced Google Analytics with Piwik, which is awesome
  • Removed support for the RSS feed and Google +1
  • Dropped financial results calls from the list of supported events
  • Support for Talk Like A Pirate day
  • Redesigned the countdown images to include the same font as the rest of the site
  • Feeding a cached HTML version of the site to web crawlers since they can’t handle the amount of AJAX I’m throwing at them
  • Some bug fixes

Still on my todo list:

  • A calendar icon with the proper date on it instead of “17” (clicking the icon will download an .ics event file which you can import into your calendar)

Here’s what the site looks like once a keynote event has been confirmed by Apple:

Screen Shot 2013-04-28 at 2.47.17 PM

Some behind the scenes information about wheniskeynote.com:

  • The site is hosted on a $30/year virtual private server
  • Is implemented in Java using Tomcat and a MySQL backend
  • Contains less than 1000 lines of self-written code
  • Gets around 1000 visits a day on average with peaks up to 50,000 visits in the days ahead of an event
  • Gets visitors from around the globe except for North Korea, Chad, Mali and Tajikistan.

5 replies on “When is the next Apple keynote website update”

  1. Great site – love it.

    I would like to make a suggestion, though: it could be nice to create an Apple Widget that does the same thing as the website. I think many users could find it useful, as they would only need to download the widget once and see if it updates each time they visit the dashboard.


  2. I did think about overlaying the image with text; but I didn’t think current web technologies supported such advanced text manipulation as would be necessary to do that.

    Regardless, 15 lines of code is miniscule :P

    You’ve got some skills bro :)

  3. Thank you for your suggestion. Actually, I already implemented a dynamic calendar icon using a Java 2D image overlay. This was like 15 lines of code and it even supports anti-aliasing.


  4. Hello Jan,

    Firstly, I would have emailed this to you, but I couldn’t find your email address on this site.

    I have a suggestion for how you could implement the iCal logo a bit differently.
    I’d recommend that, for each upcoming Keynote address, create three icons from App-empty: one for the day before the event, one for day of, one for day after, displaying each for respective date in time zone.

    So instead of having:
    Next keynote is:
    Lunch with Tim Cook,
    at 1 Infinite Loop, Cupertino
    In your local time zone, this event will be held
    Tuesday, June 4, 2013 at 4am [small calendar icon]

    Display instead:
    The next Apple keynote address is:
    Dinner with Tim Cook
    This event will be held at 1 Infinite Loop, Cupertino starting from 6:00pm [event’s start time in current time zone]
    [large calendar icon, shows local date of event]
    Displayed time is based on your local time zone (UTC + 10:00), as reported by your web browser.

    I am aware that doing so would require re-rendering from a blank document, three times over, every time Apple decide to host a Keynote address, but it is a possible solution. And one that beats creating 366 separate images for each conceivable date in the Western calendar year…

    Speaking of re-rendering it, if you weren’t aware, to speed up making icons, you could navigate to /Applications/Calendar.app/Contents/Resources , find App.icns and App-empty.icns, open both with Preview, then export the largest icons in each to Desktop (Or your working folder) as a .png, then open the .pngs in Adobe Illustrator (Or similar), then, using App.png as guides, fill in App-empty.png, export the filled-in image as a new date image in desired resolution, then repeat until done.

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